American Airlines Wine Sales Exceeded 400,000 Bottles In 3 Days Amidst Record Web Traffic

I shared a week and a half ago that American Airlines was selling off wine that it had in storage with fewer flights and customers in premium cabins. American partnered with Vinesse, a company known for offering lots of frequent flyer miles to reward customers’ buying bad wine, to handled the sales.

At American’s “State of the Airline” event following Thursday’s earnings call, Chief Customer Officer Alison Taylor was asked about the program, and joked that there must be a correlation between her being Australian, and being asked to talk about alcohol. She shared that,

  • On Wednesday Vinesse reported “they had more hits in 3 hours than they normally do in two weeks”

  • The partnership sold over 400,000 bottles in just the first 3 days.

Taylor described the effort as being about “reconnecting with customers” and to “showcase our brand..even [for customers] who aren’t traveling” and help them “aspire to the Flagship experience” offered in lounges and on board. Taylor claims notes have come in from customers who say they’ve never flown business class but might choose to buy up to it now that they’ve experienced American’s business class wine program (!).

American’s managing director for flight service added that his mother asked him if the “Flagship Cellars” offer is a good deal or not, though “she usually drinks boxed wine.” And he went on to describe “2021 as a hangover of 2020 thanks to Flagship Cellars.”

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  1. I don’t think these were the actual wines served onboard / in the lounge – the email said they were wines selected by AA’s sommelier for Vinesse

  2. @Greg has a fantastic point. Can someone actually confirm if these were the wines served in the Flagship lounges and onboard? The regular wines AA tries to peddle, from what I have read, are god awful. IF these are wines that people would have actually been provided in the lounges that’s a little different.

  3. These are not wines that were ever served onboard. This is just a marketing collaboration for Vinesse to sell its wines. Seems it was a good marketing strategy…

  4. You can get much better wine at almost any grocery store. I never saw the appeal of this offer.

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