American Calling Customers, Giving Out AAdvantage Miles

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  1. @ Gary — I guess this is the plan I told you about a coupe weeks ago. Pretty weak. Still waiting for my call.

    However, my SO was given $300 voucher in advance (the day before) for losing his FREE upgrade on a fully-refundable award ticket after a/c swap on a 40 minute flight. SHOCKING. He almost got upgraded anyways.

  2. Clearly I’m not on the list. I checked my bag very early for an AA flight in June (4 hours after an international flight on a different airline). I was in F and my bag was marked as such. My bag missed the flight and it was 24 hours before I saw it. I received no proactive offer of any compensation from AA so I contacted them. I was told 3k miles was appropriate for the problem. I responded that DL gave me 5k miles recently for an IFE outage and that, based on that, I assume DL would give out more than 5k points for a lost bag of a F passenger. AA’s response was that 3k was the right compensation and that if I wanted more then I should fly DL. I hung up stunned that AA would push me away like that. So I guess they don’t value my business but they’ll value someone else’s at this point.

  3. @ Robert, It really does surprise me that they would actually say that, but not that they would be stingy and not care. They are just not a quality airline now.

  4. American asked my family member would they be happy to wait ten hours for the next available flight as their flight was cancelled and the others overbooked.We said no!
    Not even an offer of a voucher for a sandwich etc or a bottle of water.Great compassion.When we asked that they be re-booked on another carrier they refused
    We are still waiting for a refund .I’m sure the check is in the mail with a special expedite
    We booked on Delta and started flying them as much we hate their program
    I already left American before the Summer from H*LL so no worries from me
    I had a flawless travel summer as I didn’t fly American

  5. I wish that the “Win Back team” would have been involved when my husband sent documented information regarding our trip last summer (DFW to LHR and on to Jersey from Gatwick.). We arrived in Charlotte and sat on the tarmac for over an hour watching our International flight depart without us. American put us up in a Springhill Suite along with our flight attendants (who were great) & rebooked us for the next day. But since we missed our original flight, we had to stay in UK another night because we couldn’t get another flight to Jersey until then. We had hotel cost, food cost, taxi fares & rebooking fee to the out-of-pocket sum of around $600. In addition to missing two days of vacation with our Jersey friends, we missed attending a concert with them (they had purchased tickets as a gift to us).
    AA’s “generous offer” was to award 10,000 AA miles to each of our Aadvantage accounts. What a way to ensure customer loyalty?

  6. AA’s in a race to the bottom, I’ll bet that Parker wins that race…at least one would hope that AA’s board gets wise soon.

  7. I feel America Airlines trying to compete with low cost airlines like Alligant, Frontier, Spirit, etc with their Basic Economy tickets was a very bad move. The quality of the people traveling on these tickets have brought the reputation of AA way down.
    Also, replacing AA employees for cheap labor contractors have brought on alot of rude, unprofessional individuals, and we just don’t need the stress as a passenger. I will stop flying American. Let them join the low cost carrier group.

  8. I got a call from the win back team. They had already posted 20k to my account (and to those of my wife and two kids) for a nearly three hour tarmac sit in DFW while waiting for a gate. The point of the call was to apologize, to thank me for my business, and to inform me where exactly my complaint had been directed. I appreciated the call.

  9. Despite having two AA flights cancelled on me (one requiring me to book on Delta), I haven’t received a call yet..

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