American Express is Building a New Dallas-Fort Worth Centurion Lounge

The American Express Centurion Lounge at Dallas Fort-Worth is going to be moving from its current D14 location to opposite space near gate D17 “on the mezzanine” level and “just inside security.”

The Dallas Centurion lounge is four years old and one of the common complaints is crowding. To borrow a Yoga Berra-ism, it’s so busy nobody goes there anymore or at least I usually don’t although the meeting room is my secret to always having space.)

It’s 9000 square feet and features premium bar and hot buffet, childrens play room and spa, and conference space.

Even limiting guests hasn’t been enough to solve the crowding issue and access to space inside airports comes at a huge premium. American Express has been willing to pay extraordinary amounts for space and construction such as the insane price they’re paying to expand the Miami lounge.

The new DFW lounge is going to have 3000 square feet more space and is expected to open in the first half of 2018. They’ll go from 2 to 3 shower suites and add private telephone rooms and a private mother’s room.

And the nice thing is that building out a new lounge means not having the existing one disturbed in the mean time though I wish they were adding 12,000 square feet (a new location) rather than merely substituting the larger space for the current one.

I only hope the new lounge keeps the picture of Meat Loaf.

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  1. […] 此消息一经传出,便引得西方各大博主争相报道(1,2,3,4,5,6,7)。DFW机场的运通百夫长休息室,作为最早开张的百夫长休息室之一(2013年),同时也是最大的百夫长休息室之一,究竟为啥能够引起如此高的关注度呢?趁新休息室仍有半年才能建好,鳄鱼君今天就先带大家好好体验一番目前在DFW机场的运通百夫长休息室吧!等明年新的休息室建成,鳄鱼君可以再来跟大家对比一下新老休息室的直观区别~~~ […]


  1. Not sure this will solve the issue, but will help. Most days its just jammed!! I still hit the Centurion Lounge first for its tasty food and premium drink selection, then digest it all over at the Terminal D Admirals Lounge where space is well… spacious!!!!!!

  2. I guess change is good. And at least they did some maintenance on the current space the last time I was there, prior visits were abysmally dirty and poorly maintained. Even the food quality has dropped, probably more a result of overcrowding. Trying to find anywhere to sit is amazingly tough there and don’t hope for a spa appt, unless you have a 3+ hour layover…

  3. 3,000 more square feet is nice and all but how long until they need to expand it again?
    The current u layout also limits how that space can be used.

  4. Parker suggested just downgrading the food and beverage, adding seats and curtailing service quality till crowding has been reduced to acceptable levels.

  5. Crowding is indeed the #1 issue. On the last meeting call, the Vegas lounge came out in first place so DFW has lost their preeminence.
    Suggest they keep the current lounge open with only three services: spa, business services, showers (and a bar I suppose).
    The distance between the locations shouldn’t pose a problem.

  6. Having been thrown out of the Las Vegas Centurion Lounge, upon which I promptly called AMEX and cancelled my longstanding Platinum Card account, I guess I won’t experience the Dallas make-over. Not to worry, though, as I haven’t even missed either my AMEX card or the zoo-like atmosphere of the lounges.

  7. As I enjoy a wonderful buffet lunch at the Thai Royal Silk lounge at KUL, Centurion Lounges are over hyped as well as over crowded. They garner high praise from many only because US domestic lounges are so bad.

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