American Express Losing a Transfer Partner. And I Don’t Care.

Travel With Grant reports that American Express Membership Rewards will lose Frontier Airlines as a transfer partner on March 5.

And all I can say is.. who cares?

Even before Frontier became a true low cost carrier (there’s even a fee to use your miles within 6 months of travel, and they don’t publish their schedule much farther out than that), acquired by the folks behind Spirit and remade in the Spirit mode, the only thing I ever did with Frontier’s miles is transfer them to Starbucks gift cards and use their account signup bonuses to transfer to miles in other airline progams.

Unquestionably there have been values in the Frontier award chart. But the best opportunity Early Returns members ever had was to become Wisconsin residents because that allowed them to transfer miles to Delta.

No matter. Here are the best American Express Membership Rewards transfer opportunities.

Many of course will be taking advantage of the British Airways 40% transfer bonus that runs through January 31.

Did you ever transfer points to Frontier? Would you, with their new business model?

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  1. Frontier charges just 20K miles rt to Alaska from anyplace they fly in the US.

    Availability with them is pretty easy.

  2. ” And all I can say is.. who cares?”


    Not fair considering all the useless stuff you very often post, Gary.

  3. It’s a personal view on my personal blog. That’s what I share here. That you don’t find interesting or meaningful the same things that I do is perfectly natural! thanks for reading anyway!

  4. I don’ really care either in as much as I don’t fly Frontier. What does matter though is that the value of my 450.00 amex just gets lower and lower.

  5. @tassojunior, have you looked for F9 award space to Alaska recently? Or anywhere really.

  6. @mb if you don’t fly Frontier and don’t transfer AmEx points there, why would the value of *your* $450 AmEx get lower? That makes no sense.

  7. The reason that I care is that I still have 40000 points that I want to put to good use (from before the airline became an ultra low cost carrier). I liked the idea of being able to top them off easily if need be by transferring from Amex.

  8. @Daniel – I am in the same situation. I transferred 1K AmEx points a while ago to extend the life of my miles. Will have to figure out what I do before March 5.

  9. Few years ago, when their one ways within US were only 10k and almost every flight had at least one seat available till the last minute it was a good deal and I did transfer there.

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