American Express Permits Re-allocating Credit Lines Again

Up until a year or so ago, if you had more than one American Express credit card you could move around your credit lines online.  If you had $20,000 total in credit you could move it between various cards as needed.

Then all of a shutdown they shut this down, and they wouldn’t re-allocate credit lines over the phone either.

I get caught with this, actually.  I moved all my credit over to my Starwood American Express card leaving my Hilton Amex with a whopping $1000 credit line.  So when American Express sent me a generous promotion for spending beyond a certain low threshold each month, I had a hard time taking good advantage of it.

Well, I can confirm that American Express is once again willing to let customers re-allocate credit lines.  I spoke to a representative on the phone today who had no difficulty doing it for me while I waited on the phone.  And the change reflected online immediately.

A minor note to be sure, but useful to me at least.

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  1. Just called Amex and the declined my request to re-allocate my credit line even after speaking to a supervisor. FYI, was trying to move from True Earnings Business Card to SPG Business.

  2. @Tahkuct – my guess, and would appreciate hearing more experiences, is that they won’t let you re-allocate between personal and business cards?

  3. I called Amex this morning and was declined too. They told me they only combine CL for new card(s) — card(s) that were open in the past six months.

  4. Thank You for the news by the way, which at least gives us a glimmer of hope on this issue. I miss the days when you could just go in online & make the changes yourself whenever & however many times you wanted…

  5. Gary, from my experience is that it is petty easy to move lines if a Delta product is in the mix, a lot harder for others. The exception seems to be if you are in the “top tier” of their customers (either from volume or profitability).

  6. Just finished re-allocating between my two Amex cards. I was transferred to second operator, but otherwise the process was completed within a few minutes.

  7. Was just declined twice to reallocate from personal DL Gold to another Amex card. I asked Amex rep to double check; she did but I was again denied. Didn’t even ask what acct. I wanted to allocate to. Advised that is a service they stopped offering in July. I called back again and was declined again. My credit is great, and I have lots of credit available on the DL Gold.

  8. I just tried to re-allocate from my Delta Gold to my True Earnings card (both personal) and got the same answer that it hasn’t been allowed for some time. I was put on hold for a couple of minutes while they looked into it, which makes me think they were checking me out in some regard before they made the decision.

  9. Declined. All personal cards, the operator did not even ask which cards/limits. The operator said that they would only entertain the notion of doing it for accounts opened since April 9, 2009 (no idea why that date is special).

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