Man Flies To Germany, Tries To Sneak In To See His Girlfriend

Coronavirus has been a strain on relationships, from the hotel that markets itself as a great break from your spouse and monetizes its guest list with a divorce lawyer who offers free consultations to the 85 and 89 year olds who live on opposite sides of the Germany-Denmark border and meet each day for a picnic, staying on their own side of the border and social distancing.

Man made borders and rules may keep people apart, but love in the time of coronavirus will find a way, or at least it will try.

On May 10 a 20 year old man flew United from Washington Dulles to Frankfurt “to meet his German girlfriend” he told German Federal Police after being apprehended. Sure, the country isn’t just letting Americans enter the country freely but he was determined.

  • When he landed he put on a yellow vest that he thought would make him look like an airport worker, and he claimed to be a janitor. He even grabbed a couple of trash cans to get into the part.

  • He thought he might be able to slip through passport control with other airport staff, but he sure looked suspicious as he kept trying to empty the trash cans in different places he thought he might be able to sneak through.

  • An officer noticed approached him, noticed he wasn’t wearing a security badge and then that he… didn’t speak any German.

He was taken into custody, spent the night in the airport, and deported back to the U.S. If only he’d been married to his girlfriend he could have entered the country.

Another possibility in all of this of course is that the 20 year old Pennsylvania native had just committed to a story and stuck with it to the end. When I was 12 or 13 inexperienced boys too shy to ask girls out would just say they couldn’t because they already had a girlfriend. Of course nobody had ever met her because she lives in Canada. No one believed this, but that also meant we didn’t need to actually go to Canada to prove it.

Since you most of us can’t actually go to Canada, or Germany, right now it’s a lot harder to disbelieve the claim of long distance romance.

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  1. If he had succeeded, it seems like this would be a made for movie story.

  2. That nasty run-on sentence in the first paragraph had me laughing…that hotels offered free divorce lawyer advice to 85 and 89 year olds! Love it!

  3. He’s really going to be upset when he discovers that he is banned now from entering the EU for years. So much for that relationship.

  4. most of the kids at 20 in this country is not much better, in maturity & practicality of their mind, than the 5 yr old who tried to buy a Lamborghini . we pamper them to great foolishness .
    wait till them to get to 50 & take away the livelihood of us curmudgeon by their policies & regulations

  5. I don’t understand international relationships there are more than enough hot girls in the US especially on the west coast

  6. How did United let him on the plane knowing that he couldn’t legally enter Germany?

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