American Passengers in Sao Paulo May Have 4 Lounge Options. Which is Best?

Reader Douglas S. shared his experiences with several lounges in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Since that’s the location of the newest American Airlines Admirals Club, I was interested in how it compares to other products in the airport that he was able to visit.

Here’s his take on the Admirals Club there:

Recently opened, very nice setting, but food is not at par

They did not improve much from the old lounge, even though they added 2 pasta selections and 2 meat/chicken selections, they are not presented well and do not look appetizing

…I don’t drink alcohol but the selections pale compared to [competing lounges in the airport].

Computers did not work properly and lounge does get crowded around 8 pm once the Miami, New York JFK, and Dallas flights are around 2-3 hrs from departure.

…WiFi did not work well

Personally I didn’t mind the old Admirals Club there, and thought it was fine by comparison to business class lounges in South America (and Europe) but I take Douglas’ point that others have upped their game in Sao Paulo.

He visited the Lan/Tam lounge in Sao Paulo as well.

By far offering a SUBSTANTIALLY better offering of food, even though not too many hot items, the cold items are better and more varied than American’s and even trays of smoked salmon.

They allow one emerald and sapphire members in even if flying American, and the woman at the entrance even said smiling when I told her I want to compare, “ours is better” — and it is.

The lounge is bigger, many more quite areas. Their wine bar looked great and the hard liquor self serve bar is five times better than American’s with great variety.

The lounge is a bit more crowded as flights depart all day, but it does not feel packed as it is larger than American’s club. Given the choice for an American Platinum or Executive Platinum I would go straight to LATAM lounge.

It turns out that the Star Alliance lounge is a Priority Pass lounge. It’s accessible to folks with Priority Pass and Lounge Club cards, which means plenty of premium credit card holders in the US will be able to use it. is the smallest of the 3 and feels a bit crowded, but it is pleasant and food is at par and even slightly better than American’s lounge, with same amount of hot food items and alcohol substantially better, at par with LATAM lounge. Great WIFI and good service.

The Executive Lounge across from the Star Alliance lounge is also a Priority Pass lounge, but only between 7am and Noon according to the Priority Pass site. They told our correspondent Douglas that they don’t accept Priority Pass after 6pm due to crowding.

Douglas also passes along that American’s new Flagship Dining inside the DFW airport D concourse Admirals Club (photo tour) offered,

Very nice breakfast setup, smoked salmon, great variety of parfaits and great drinks selection with buckets of NAKED juice…

Very friendly service and they also allow eligible members to take food out to general area, since dining area to small to host everybody that is eligible

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  1. Gary, couldn’t you have tried to find a better reviewer? I hate how he makes a point to preach that “I don’t drink…” – well congratulations! 90% of the people reading this probably do or don’t care that you don’t. I refuse to eat the food in almost all lounges but I don’t go around making a point to tell everyone. Save your judgemental statements for therapy/church….

  2. @theblackfish
    As Gary said I was clarifying that I am not an expert in the field, and not sure why you think I am judging yet taking the time to help those who drink, have a better experience…and if you DO NOT eat at lounges, I suggest you clarify that in the unlikely event you will be kind enough to share a review with your fellow travelers as it establishes credibility (although you don´t come across as a kind person)
    It seems YOU may need a drink before therapy or church, although won´t be able to join as I don´t drink (ás previously established) , can´t afford therapy, and Í don’t support any organized religion
    lighten up, its a lounge review

  3. I was on the the AA GRU-MIA morning flight at the beginning of the month and I went to both AA and TAM lounges. For me, they were both disappointing in terms of food and drinks, though they probably offer better choices from lunch time onwards. I believe they’re the middle of the way between American and European lounges, excluding those that are superb (AF La Premiere and LH FCT).

  4. My wife and I recently tried the Admirals Club, OneWorld Lounge and the Executive lounge. We didn’t know about the LAN/TAM lounge. The Executive lounge was way too crowded in the evening so we looked and left. The Admirals Club and OneWorld lounge were similar in food and beverage offerings, and both were fairly large. The OneWorld lounge was better decorated and the seating was grouped nicely into conversation groups vs just filling rooms. Also it had a large wall of windows with a view of the terminal below while the AA club did not. As a bonus the OW lounge had a bartender cranking out caipirinhas.

  5. @jim jardines
    Hi Jim
    The one world lounge IS the Lan/Tam lounge, there isn”t a separate OW lounge and as the “home airline” Lan/Tam acts as OW lounge
    As you say, the lan/ow lounge is more pleasant than admirals and in my opinion, cold food offerings are better

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