American Suspends LAX – China Flights For A Month And A Half

American Airlines has suspended is Los Angeles – Beijing and Los Angeles – Shanghai flights between February 9 and March 27. Service continues until February 9 unless there are new developments (such as the federal government ordering earlier cessation of US-China flights) and is attributed to reduction in demand for travel.

Since January 23 American has been provisioning additional hand sanitizer wipes for flight attendants on all departures to Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong and the airline is allowing flight attendants to wear masks on flights to and from these cities as well.

Departure and arrival gates for service to and from all three cities, as well as federal inspection service areas, are being provisioned with additional hand sanitizer wipes as well.

Meanwhile in Beijing:

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  1. Isn’t the best way to prevent any flu is to wash your hands regularly AND not touch any part of your face with your hands?

    Even if someone sneezes directly on your face, wouldn’t your “mask” simply capture the wet particles and upon next breath, you are taking them into your mouth or nose?

    *Not a doctor and I didnt play one on TV

  2. Feel bad for legitimate tourists but it is refreshing we can cut ourselves from China travel wise. So many other places to visit. I wish Americans pressured businesses to source their products and manufactured goods from other countries in Europe, Australia, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, instead of China. Why are we emboldening the Chinese at the expense of those we share genetic heritage with.

  3. This is scary, to say the least!! I have a trip to Europe for 3 weeks+ in June on Delta A350-900.

  4. Let’s be real, the airlines are happy to have an excuse to cut money-losing flights to Asia in the middle of low season.

  5. Airlines cancelling these flights has little to do with public health, or controlling the spread of the virus. It’s a commercial decision – demand for travel to China is way down as a result of the virus situation and travel warnings in what already is the weak season. So cancel the flights, rather than fly mostly empty planes.

  6. Another threat to world health courtesy of Beijing’s total, pathetic failure to manage public health policy/ food safety standards. It appears they’ve learned virtually nothing from SARS, other than better procedures in response ( but even then it’s after the horse has bolted).

  7. @John Waters, There are tons of Chinese Americans who built this country. Remember the trans cons railroad? Enjoy your Made in China Fentanyl.

  8. @John Waters

    What a horrible thing to say! If you had said “with those who share our values,” instead of those who share our “genetic history,” it would have at least been understandable.

    Your statement is blatantly racist and not in the nouveau faux-racist way.

  9. @John Waters

    Yes You are bigoted. Also the countries you listed are not the cheapest to manufacture. How about Vietnam, India…

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