American Will Pay Employees For Meeting Operational Goals in January

American Airlines Senior Vice President of Operations David Seymour shared with employees that the airline best several operational goals in January: exact on-time departures; on-time arrivals; turning planes within the allotted time; as well as completion factor and controllable completion factor. This comes after improved performance in December.

Adding some color to the airline’s better performance, he noted records they set within the airline for not cancelling flights:

In fact, on Jan. 29, we achieved our very first systemwide Perfect Completion Factor day with zero cancellation for both the mainline and regional operations. Thanks to all of our 130,000 team members, we had eight days last month without a single mainline cancellation (matching our previous record set in December 2019) and five days without a single regional cancellation (a new record for our regional operation).

While Delta has gone 100 days without a mainline cancellation, 8 days is an American record.

By beating the airline’s internal goals for “D0” or exact on-time departures, employees will get at least a $50 bonus under American’s ‘Grand Slam’ bonus program. American employees can earn up to $200 a month based on the airline’s operational performance when the airline beats Delta, United, and Southwest for the month:

  • $50 for being number one in exact on-time departures (D0) for combined mainline and regional
  • $50 for being number one in one-time arrivals (A-14) for combined mainline and regional
  • $50 for having the fewest mishandled mainline bags
  • $50 for being number one in customer satisfaction

If they don’t hit any of these – and most months they won’t beat all of their competitors on operational metrics – they can still receive $50 if they beat the airline’s D0 goals:

Jan. — 68.3%
Feb. — 67.3%
Mar. — 67.0%
April — 67.0%
May — 62.4%
June — 59.0%
July — 60.7%
Aug. — 62.5%
Sept. — 72.5%
Oct. — 68.2%
Nov. — 69.9%
Dec. — 66.2%

American’s operation isn’t at the top of the pack by any means, but it’s much better and more reliable than it was for most of 2019. They have (a very expensive) tentative agreement with mechanics but still have to negotiate with flight attendants and pilots. Hopefully we won’t see a repeat of what customers went through last summer.

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  1. You need to find a new job if $50 is considered a bonus. And even if you get $50 a month that is only $600 for an entire year. Remove FICA, taxes, etc. and what do you get? $10 a week? $5 a week?

    Didn’t Delta just give out 2 months of pay as a bonus? And I think I saw Southwest was getting 6 weeks of pay. I hope $50 isn’t a month of pay for AA employees 🙂

  2. Ugh. Wish they’d work on on-time arrivals instead of this D0 stupidity.

    (Was on a flight a few weeks that closed the door at 14 minutes prior to departure, leaving 8 people including a couple colleagues who were on delayed inbound connections to miss boarding). The flight landed sometime like 25 minutes ahead of schedule.

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  4. D0 focus and beating competitors are the wrong things to focus on. They need concrete goals to improve their NPS. When I fly I really don’t care if AA is better than DL, I care to be treated well. And part of being treated well is if they miss D0 by moments in order to accommodate the passenger.

    AA’s management has no clue how to run things and how to improve morale. But they do know how to manipulate the board into pushing more $$ (small amounts of $$) to the employee.

  5. This is good but way to late when you have a group of executives and CEO that have made millions on the tails of all the ground workers hardworking and Sacrifices and Injuries to Satisfy the customer and this is what we get real Good After the huge Tax Break they get as well so maybe they should look at this again if they really want to see a postive Work force

  6. Door closes 15 minutes early your plane sits at the gate. You land 20 minutes early and have to taxi around until a gate opens now deplane 5 minutes late thankS AA

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