American’s New Amenity Kit Leaked

Three years ago American launched new Cole Haan amenity kits. I liked the idea at the time of different kits for 9 of the airlines that combine to make the current American Airlines.

Last year American refreshed their Cole Haan kits. I found them generally fine though a bit uninspired. And I was surprised they didn’t even say American Airlines instead all of the branding was sold to others. Of course if the international first class kit had been offered in business the effort would have been quite competitive.

You may ask why care about amenity kits? I think they serve 3 functions.

  • Amenity kits are about providing something useful to make the flight more comfortable.
  • Amenity kits are a takeaway, a premium reminder of the airline and the experience.
  • Amenity kits are advertising to the customer about a brand. The bath amenities I use at home are ones I first discovered at a hotel.

American Airlines is apparently rolling out new amenity kits — and not with Cole Haan. It appears that this new amenity kit has leaked — put out into service too early. And JonNYC has the scoop.

I am definitely looking forward to seeing this.

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  1. They had these on my flight from PEK-LAX in J this past Saturday! It was a leather zipper bag, branded with This is Ground, with decent amenities in it. Was quite nice. I just thought nothing of it, assumed it was a fully rolled out new amen

    Do you have a tips email address? I can take pictures of it and the amenities in it when I get home tonight, if you’d like.

  2. Anything is better than the Cole plastic that smells so bad it makes me sick – when I see it at the seat I immediately give it to FA after nearly throwing up the first time I opened the wrapper :(w

  3. Ugh I shutter each time I get a CH kit. I have a collection and the bags are different departing on the originating airport (some have handles some do not) There is never anything good inside. Although the socks are fun colors. A pet peeve – why did they stop giving us covers for the Bose earphones? Ewww. Thank goodness for Lysol Wipes.

  4. While I never use the amenity kits, I do take them with me and a couple times a year, donate them to the local homeless shelter. While the products contained in them have declined over the years, both in size and quality, it’s still a little something to give to people who pretty much have nothing.

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