American’s New Domestic First Class Cheeseburger

American Airlines has a new cheeseburger in domestic first class at lunch. Here’s what it looks like (HT: Demetrius J.)

United, by contrast, has a burger with smoked gouda.

A year ago United upgraded their condiments in a deal with Sir Kensington. United then added Sir Kensington chipotle mayo this summer.

I still look forward to trying the American burger, though I go in with some skepticism. The bun looks right but we’ll see how it tastes — and how the meat tastes. I’d rather have white onion.

But American is using the same exact Sir Kensington package as United and offering the chipotle mayo, too. They’re really cute, they’re fine condiments, and I can’t complain about the choice — but is it too much to wish for just a little bit of originality?

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  1. They both look disgusting over cooked and dry like cement
    I wouldn’t touch either to my lips
    just another one of so many reasons not to fly them

  2. Sir Kensington’s is hot garbage in the condiment business. Do not let their ketchup taint any burger.

  3. The United burger is pretty decent. I’ve ordered it economy plenty of times and it’s a bit difficult to plate compared to first where they plate everything for you. It’s worth maybe like $5 but it’s the best thing on the domestic menu.

  4. Sir Kensington literally tastes like putting in a straw and sucking up from a dumpster. Hard pass. Do they have Heinz on request?

  5. @RJM
    “AA’s burger tray needs a real side salad and dressing like the UA tray”

    Wholeheartedly Agreed !

  6. I think there are a few more important things taking place in the world, or in the airline industry, then a chintzy, dried out hamburger a select few will be offered.
    I was a United Purser for twenty three years during a period when meals were served on almost every flight. ORD-MSP, if Northwest served a meal so did we at United. At one time we offered a hamburger in economy that was so good, the entire crew hoped a few would be left over. A perfectly fried hamburger and a sturdy sesame bun, wrapped in foil to keep it moist, a small container of accoutrements, and a small bag of Lays Potato Chips. I can remember on a short haul from ORD-CLE or ORD-IND on a 727 it would be a race to get the trays and beverages out, picked up and the galley secured for landing. Passengers actually asked for seconds. I can remember hearing the landing gear being lowered as we were securing the carts. We would go to our jump seats out of breath, but if we were lucky there were a few of those great hamburgers left for the crew.

  7. “[I]s it too much to wish for just a little bit of originality?”

    In a word? Yes.

    There are sheep out there that act less sheep-like than management at AA and United

  8. Delta should offer Chick-fil-A upon pre-request. Their sandwiches keep fresh while stored in foil wrappers. Of course, if you have time, you can order it fresh from their airport food courts.
    I wouldn’t go out of my way for either…airplane food is for emergency use only.
    Didn’t AA just have food poisoning issues tied to a caterer? No, thank you.

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