Amex Everyday Launches With a Party in New York!

This post was accurate at the time of posting. For details on current offers visit the card issuer’s site.

The new Amex Everyday cards went live with applications early last week.

The official product launch, though, was yesterday. And I happened to be in New York, so I stopped in on the party.

I’m not sure whether it’s super cool or if it makes me an incredible geek for wanting to and being able to crash an Amex party.

There are two new cards:

  • Amex Everyday: no annual fee, full Membership Rewards card; 20% bonus on all spend when you make 20 charges in a billing cycle; 2x points at US supermarkets (on up to $6000 of spend per year); 10,000 points after $1000 spend in 3 months

  • Amex Everyday Preferred: 15,000 point signup bonus after $1000 spend in 3 months; 3x at US supermarkets (up to $6000 spend per year) and 2x at US gas stations; 50% bonus on all spend when you have 30 swipes on the card in a month (and the bonus applies to the bonused categories as well); $95 annual fee.

The Amex Everyday is probably the most rewarding no fee card (some will argue for Chase Freedom), and the Everyday Preferred is strong for frequent and heavy spenders .. it gives Premier Rewards Gold a run for its money as most rewarding Membership Rewards card, and at a lower price point.

Judging from the launch party, conversations, and materials Amex everyday is seemingly targeted towards women. The ‘Everyday’ name is geared towards everyday spend, not the ‘business travel’ or expense account segment. It is easy and accessible and meant for stuff like groceries and for every household purchase a multi-tasker makes.

The event was in a great space, Home Studios is set up like a home.. at least a 4000 square foot New York home, and you can see above the ‘kitchen space’ with its full pantry out in the open . . .

Kristen Bell is a mom and was there talking up the card, and her presence at the event meant that US Weekly was there too.

The musical guest was A Great Big World, and I think I’ve answered my own question on cool vs. uncool because it’s the first I’d heard of them…

There is no Centurion logo on the card, or its materials, and there wasn’t one at the party… That very male symbol of strength isn’t how they’re marketing this product.

They did market it – to me, at least – with cocktails.

It is a friendly card for consumers who didn’t even know that American Express offered cards that revolved credit. It has rewards, but the target market won’t probably make the best use of them (airline mileage transfers).

Yet at root it is a very strong points earning card. The ability to earn a 50% bonus on all spend with the premium card, with the bonus even applying to already-bonused spend categories, paired with one of the three best points currencies is huge.

It doesn’t have a big bonus or big benefits but in terms of rewarding ongoing spend this is one of the better products in the market. So it is a strong card regardless of gender or archetype.

There was a gift bag that included some coffee, a cardholder that doubled as a makeup mirror, mints, a water bottle, and a few other sundries that I didn’t take with me.

I was the only miles and points blogger there, though there were a handful of ‘mommy bloggers’ and I did run into some of The Points Guy‘s staff.

I haven’t applied for the card yet. I need to run the numbers on whether it’s more rewarding for me than Premier Rewards Gold given the alternative cards I also have in my portfolio (that bonus airfare and gas, like PRG does). It’ll likely find a home in my wallet soon though.

For avoidance of doubt I do not receive any referral credit if you apply for this card.

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  1. Yay, another credit card advertisement! You are well on your way from being a respected expert to a TPG clone

  2. @Tyler – Gary has posted some content which I think borders on being just an ad but this doesnt strike me as that and seems fairly original. He is reporting on an event amex held to launch a credit card. Not the most interesting story he has authored but original content that no one else is writing about on Boarding Area. Any original post or idea is fine by me even if it is of a promo event. Rehashing the benefits of a credit card would obviously not be an original idea.

  3. Man, I’m in NYC for work and would totally have gone to this! Also because I can’t get the Frozen soundtrack out of my head (thanks, my lovely daughters) and they would’ve gotten a real kick out of me meeting the voice of Anna. I actually had to google Kristen Bell to see what else she was in (speaking of cool vs. not cool; also, I have no idea who/what A Brave New World is).

  4. Any credit card endorsed by Kristen Bell has to be cool! Also, miles and points industry is the only place where incredible geeks can be simultaneously super cool. 🙂
    I barely watch TV and never saw any commercials for this card, but the whole earning structure did seem to target busy families. This card is a winner and I hope to get it soon, though I wish the bonus was more substantial.

  5. How many credit card swipes does the typical person have in a month? One of these cards requires 20 and the other 30 before getting the much touted bonuses. I’d have to move all my spend onto this card to achieve those swipes. There’s absolutely no way I have that many swipes once I set aside travel/restaurant spend for which I achieve 2x bonus on my Chase Sapphire card.

  6. Did you score with Kristen? By ‘score’ I mean persuade her to apply for a new card with your referral links:)

  7. You ran into “SOME of the Points Guy’s staff”? How much “staff” does he have? I know the Frugal Travel Guy is no longer just a “guy,” but I didn’t know these blogs have mushroomed that much.

  8. If my main goal is earning MR, doesn’t this card work well WITH the PRG as opposed to instead? This card if used for grocery and gas should pay for itself, then PRG for MS to hit the bonus etc. and extra grocery MS seems pretty potent. I will say my goals are much lower than the average bear’s though. Enough Avios to fly a family of four in coach from NYC to MCO a couple times a year and I’m happy.

  9. @Carol Hahn I have a feeling you’ll be splitting up your refill at the gas pump or making a bunch of Amazon Payments transactions to get there 😛

  10. My PRG was up for renewal, so I cancelled it and I already have the preferred versions.

    Check out the interesting T&Cs on when a purchase counts (date of PURCHASE, they will go back up to 4 months history for delayed posts), and that most pre-paid and reloadables are ineligible.

    I have no idea how they figure out what items were purchased, so I did a test purchase of a $25 fixed price itunes card as a standalone purchase at a supermarket yesterday to see if it will count or not.

    “Eligible purchases do NOT include fees or interest charges, balance transfers, cash advances, purchases of travelers checks, purchases or reloading of prepaid cards, or purchases of other cash equivalents.”


  11. also this one

    “(superstores, supermarkets and warehouse clubs that sell gasoline are not considered gas stations)”

    I will be sticking with another card for the Costco Gas Station.


  12. Personally I think the EveryDay trumps the Freedom purely for it’s ability to store and transfer MR points. I think AmEx is going to need to beef up their RPG product or risk mass exodus.

    It’ll be interesting to see how the EveryDay card does amongst it’s actual target audience (everyday card holders with one or two credit cards that they use for all expenses).

    I’m liking this move of AmEx to target the lower end of the market, I just hope it doesn’t affect their high end products.

  13. To get to the 30 swipes someone in another forum suggested small purchases such as .99 ebooks, itunes music or apps, 1.00 amazon electronic gift cards etc. to help get to the 30.

  14. Funny, I’m sure it wasn’t your intention, but you just reveled how tall you are…

  15. When I see this product I really start to think. First as with any program I think they feel on either card you will use them more frequently but not reach the 20 or 30 swipes. You forget, you miss by a few etc. If you don’t pay in full they make some nice interest (Im sure) I pay in full but some people don’t or cant. Especially when they are focusing all spend on one of these cards. My guess is that the free card will probably get 75-80 or people who apply. The larger bonus card needs 30 swipes/charges to get to that bonus. As is always the case a straight 2% cash back card or similar is as still better for some people. Also to me these are a slap in the face to the customers charing large volumes on the green, gold and plat cards. No such bonuses. And bonus points on groceries, (only up to 6K) Why not raise that? Will that break AMEX? The are a multi billion dollar operation.Basic idea is people charge their entire life to the card and carry some interest.

  16. @iahphx “The Points Guy staff” you have a lot to learn. How many of the bloggers are full time operations?

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