An Easy $400, If Your HR Department Will Allow It

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  1. This means what most of us have speculated will come true: Mileage Plan WILL devalue once AS joins OW. The question is HOW BAD?

  2. @ Gary — I am my HR department. Approved. Maybe Capital One will actually allow me to get one of their credit cards if I have a checking account? Every time I apply, I am rather rudely told no and refused explanation. What don’t they like about me? I’ve opened probably 200 credit cards in my life, have a zero balance on all of my cards and I’ve never missed a payment in my life. In addition, I have good income and a high credit score. I just don’t understand.

  3. @ Gene, Wow I’m in the same boat with Cap1 🙁
    I figure that they realized I was just playing the game similar to 24/5 etc. But now feel Cap1 is just sh!tty since they sent a teaser pre-approved offer, then a hard pull, then rejection.
    One technique I’m working on is opening checking/savings accounts with banks to put money on deposit for no cost as I’m not loosing interest on money already in our cash accounts 😉
    Starting with Citi and 50,000 AA miles And working the 24 months for a citi prestige – We have enough AA Miles 😉

  4. @Gene and @Bill n DC: I’m also in the same boat. Credit score consistently around 825-835, always pay balances in full every month, never a late payment, decent salary and savings. When I received their pre-approval offer in the mail in December 2018, I assumed approval was a given so I pulled the trigger–only to be instantly denied with no explanation. What’s worse is that they hit all 3 credit bureaus. Thankfully, in two more weeks, and those hard pulls finally roll off my credit report. In the meantime, those pre-approvals have continued to show up in my mailbox about once a month, but I won’t fall for their trick again. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

  5. @Gary will the $400 bonus trigger a 1099? I assume yes, if so, totally not worth the time and hassle.

  6. $400 isn’t worth the time to simply type that number in a box come tax time and pay some of it back to the gov’t? I’m at $2500 for the year on bank bonuses and yes, they’ll all go on my taxes. Worth it. Some are as easy as multiple 50c Amazon reloads. You’re missing out.

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