An Important Change To Chase 5/24? [Roundup]

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  1. These Pax who act up do not think about the consequences of their actions. They are the extreme deviations from the mean. They do not care nor do realize that their actions can and will have penalties. If they do not do what the FA or authority tell them to do that, they will be in trouble for it.
    Just because they COULD be prohibited from flying ever again will not make them stop what they are doing at that time. In their mind at that time, they feel they are right and everyone else is wrong. Once that switch is flicked for that individual, it cannot be switched back until they are ready. Telling them that they will be banned or knowing before they start to do something will not stop them from acting out.
    We have all seen these “Karen & Kevin’s” no about of reasoning can turn them around. The only option is to diffuse the situation and remove them from the plane.
    There should be fines, reimbursement for damages, compensation to FA etc, and they should be prohibited from flying IN ALL CASES FOR AT least ONE year and Until Medically cleared by a physician and a Therapist (at their cost). We do have to realize that there times when substances do come into play and where there are other emotions (death of loved one, divorce, family issues) that could have clouded that PAX judgement at that time.
    Let there be a board that reviews these cases that are independent of the Airlines and that the PAX can pay a fee to request removal from the No Fly List. This is after getting the above done.
    “ramp up prosecution of unruly airline passengers”.

    you may all not agree with me. But put yourself in that position FIRST you. had too much to drink, you back talked a FA and because you took your pain med and that glass of wine you are now Karen / Kevin. Do you want to be banned for life?

  2. Tried for the Amazon Prime . . . via the Amazon web site . . . and was denied expressly for 5/24.

    Might be that Chase reads these blogs, learned about it, and then shut it down.

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