An Unhappy Marriott Rewards Member Writes a Song About It

You may remember Les Miserables “Master of the House”.

Over in the Marriott Insiders forum member erc unhappy with changes to the program over the years pens a song to the tune of that classic.

Welcome Rewards, sit yourself down
See Freddie’s winner, the best in town
As for the rest, all of them tools
Trailing our lead, and following the rules

Seldom do you see
Anything for free
A plan of such design
That’s content to be

Master of your perks, doling out the charm
Giving you improvements, that might do some harm
Spin a juicy tale, creates a little fuss
F & B credit, makes a purchase a must
Likes to always change the bennies
Doesn’t cost us to be nice
Enhancements get you little
As we often jack up your price

Master of your perks, keeper of your stays
Ready to raise categories any day
Take away your wine, giving you some points
Bistro coffee costs and you now must pay
Everybody loves a resort
Everybody pays the fee
Strap the title on the building
And it raises our P.E.

Master of the perks, quick to take your cash
Better book ’em now, because the deals won’t last
Lodger to the loyal, courter of the new
200 nights a year and it’s premier for you
That’s unless we just decide not to
That’s unless we change our mind
But if you save up your points,
They’ll lose their value, you will find !

The effort seemed worth reprinting and sharing.

How do you feel about recent changes to the Marriott Rewards program, which in counterpoint fairness do at least make it possible for elites to get suites and also formalize a weekend breakfast benefit at full service properties in the US and Canada?

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  1. Marriott has been our choice hotel in Asia/Pacific and the US for years now. Relatively easy re-qualification to Platinum status and great benefits & recognition. They got my vote & absolutely deserve that Freddie’s Award.

    So, I don’t know what this dude is complaining about@!!!:D

  2. I love the song and agree 100%!

    I was thinking of leaving Marriott (as my #2 choice after Starwood) but an amazing stay at the JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur made up for a lot.

  3. Fun stuff but can you imagine how upset he would be if he was an hhonors member, way worse.
    I think I’ll stick with my IHG status for now with Marriott as the location need backup.

  4. Marriott credit card was planned-to-hold-forever card, now I just have to cancel it. The devaluation doesn’t justify the annual fee any more.

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