And the Award for Worst Airline Lounge in North America Goes to…

Some of you are going to say that the honors go to the United Red Carpet Club at Dulles that had the rats. But I haven’t seen reports of Red Carpet Rodents in some time.

Though I’d at least agree with the overall sentiment, that the very first thing a lounge should offer is a clean respite from a sometimes-dirty terminal. Sure, there are other minimum conditions necessary to qualify as a lounge that is actually an improvement over sitting at the gate, such as peace and quiet, wireless internet and comfortable seating. But it starts with cleanliness.

And given that standard, I wonder whether there’s any worse lounge than the US Airways club at La Guardia?

Here’s where I headed in the lounge today, the only open seats by the window over looking the runway. And you’ll see why the seats were empty.

And the carpet:

Just unacceptable, fortunately I didn’t have but 20 minutes to kill before boarding (and only that since there was no traffic to the airport and no line at security, I had my entire buffer left to burn). The gate was a marked improvement.

US Airways, this place needs work and fast!

What’s your vote for worst airline lounge in North America?

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  1. The President’s Club in LGA is not much better than the US Air one, and it’s before security, making it virtually worthless.

  2. Not a US club member, but it is now the only benefit left from my LT UA RCC membership and I regularly use it at LGA. Yes, it is in bad shape physically, but I’ll take it anytime over the gate wait.

    Remember US thought they had deal with DL to take over the US Express LGA slots (trade them for DCA slots) – but the FAA restrictions made it unacceptable to both. It is still possible and explains why US will not be doing any refurbishing of the LGA Club.

  3. Wow, makes me happy that I use the Admirals Club when I am going through LGA. At least it is pretty good shape.

  4. Is the US lounge after security? The RCC (pre-security) isn’t that bad.

  5. The US club is post security in their own (formerly the CO) terminal. Thus the club is the ONLY choice except a gate wait or seating in the multi-vendor fast food area. As run-down as it is, I consider it more comfortable than the always crowded DAL club or the pre-security UA RCC. Yes, the best is the AA AC (if you departure is from the D Concourse.

  6. the RCC at O’Hare and Seattle…the one in SEA is in a basement of some sort….feels like your in a bomb shelter

  7. It looks like AC’s lounge in YVR US departures tidied itself up just in time. One wonders if the LH business lounge in FRA has?

  8. actually i like the more relaxed atmosphere of the CO club at LGA, the view is not too bad, the internet works, the employees are nice, its rarely full and the history is cool too.

  9. Lovely..How much do folks pay for a membership to such upscale luxury Red Carpet Club experiences?
    which homeless shelter were those pictures taken?
    I’m sure after the merger is completed they will make things right after all they have great incentive now that they don’t have to compete as much……….
    Remind me to bow at the Admirals Club the next time I check in…..They are worthy after seeing that !

  10. The LGA RCC was outside security but clean and quiet on Friday morning. Priority Pass is accepted there for now. I had forgotten my cell phone and was able to use the phone near the back to make a local call. However, some idiot had plugged the handset into the data jack, resulting in a crank-ish call to the Sheraton.

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