Another Horrendous Government Stick Up Job At The Airport [Roundup]

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  1. Im fairly certain there is a 10K limit in moving cash or other instruments out of yhe country. Why did you check up on that and get back to the blog?

  2. @Keith
    10k limit is for reporting purposes not limiting its movement out of the country. Why dont you go check on that and get back and let the adults talk.

  3. I looked ….depending on the type of currency and denomination of same, anywhere from 63thousandsplus lbs (pennies) to 3-4 lbs (1hundred dollar bills) …the figures/my extrapolation on the the bills is fair game for your research

  4. Nothing is going to change until individual cops are held personally accountable for their actions by the public.If this man wants his money back, he knows exactly who took it from him. You can’t succeed in a corrupted system playing by the rules of the corrupted system.

    That’s why conservatives are idiots when they say we should support the police. The police are enforcing leftist laws. We should be doing the opposite of supporting police. Civil Asset Forfeiture is a leftist law. Conservatives should view all who enforce it and support it as criminals of the highest degree.

  5. Re: Stick Up Jobs

    The criminals (and others) who have mastered the intricacies of anonymous crypto currency transfers avoid this low level government enforcement. Proves once again that life is short and harsh for dumb criminals.

  6. Asset forfeiture without even being charged with a crime is wrong. If a person is charged and convicted, that’s a different story. We’ve seen enough of this kind of thing before that I would never carry more than a few hundred dollars in cash on me.

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