Another Reason Not To Fly Coach (As Though You Needed One)

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  1. And once again, the “usual suspects”…

    13% of the population, 90% of the problems.

  2. Are we upset that the lasagna looks like lasagna? If you rip it apart it’s not going to look that great…

  3. @Dan. Thank you. The issue here has nothing to do with the lasagna itself, but rather that the cheese stuck to the foil wrapper.

    Baked pasta dishes are perfect airplane food. They are filling, not super expensive to produce, and reheat really well.

  4. The bigger mystery is why anyone ever eats food on an airplane, coach or otherwise. Arguably, it’s a product of our food culture and the inability of the masses to avoid indulging in caloric intake.

  5. @James N, wonder if the N stands for No brain

    Airplane food is actually portion controlled better than restaurants especially in coach you’re less likely to overeat. Sure the nutritional profile (fat, sodium and sugar) can be less than ideal but you mentioned specifically caloric intake.

    The other reason to eat food on an airplane is to keep your circadian and digestive system in check. Flights often overlap with natural mealtimes.

  6. Ryan, now I get it … the photo does not show ‘cheese stuck to the foil’, it shows a dish of lasagna with another dish of lasagna being held up vertically. I can see it now … people scrapng the cheese off the foil to top off the dish of lasagna. UGH!!

  7. ayenus offers a post that reveals his/her ignorance. Airplane food is a step below most any fast food restaurant in regards to taste, quality, and nutritional value. Also, he/she creates what is basically a straw man argument.

    I never implied that someone shouldn’t eat, nor did I discuss the portion sizes. My point was that most all airline food is lousy and is inferior to a PB&J or any other food item out of the average American’s pantry. Also, it’s a well-known fact that we have a severe obesity problem in this country and it wouldn’t hurt most people to skip a meal, especially one as bad as those offered at 40,000 feet. Finally, in a number of cases were discussing people flying for less than five hours and therefore, if you’re unable to avoid eating for that length of time, we can circle back to my comment about caloric intake.

  8. @Carole Kane,

    Just because Melvin George Townsend is a troublemaker from Florida, doesn’t mean you should tarnish all people from that state for his bad behavior. Yes, there does seem to be a lot more problems with people from “down there”, but that does not make everyone from Florida evil…

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