Are Apple Cards Deteriorating After Just Six Months?

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  1. Don’t be dissing Apple too much. My Sapphire Reserve is starting to fall apart after less than two years…the plastic is separating from the metal at the corners. I can stick my fingernails in there. I’m not quite at the point of calling Chase and asking for a replacement. But that days is coming a lot sooner than the card’s expiration date which isn’t for years.

  2. You need to get Marriott cards – mine are still bright and shiny and look like they have never been used.

  3. I love this card for one specific use. Buying at any store where Apple ups the return rate that is better then other cc’s at the time. End of December Apple gave back 6% at their own Apple store. Purchased a $12000 Mac Pro for a client. No other cc offered that. As for the card, upon receiving I activated it and put it away with all my other cards. Only use it and others with Apple Pay. Carry one visa, master and Amex for when no NFC terminals.

  4. As a former employee of a US based credit card manufacturer I can tell you a couple things:

    1) expiration dates used to be 3 years and now they are 5. Only because banks don’t want to replace the more expensive EMV cards more often. The plastics and mag stripe material have not suddenly become more robust
    2) there is some manufacturing tolerance on the thickness of a card (0.027-0.033 to be exact). All terminals must be made to accept those that fall within this variation. If your card is on the thicker end, 0.032-0.033, it will have more wear and tear from the friction of being placed in a chip reader or swiped. I wouldn’t take one Twitter user’s photos as some grand conspiracy of poor quality

  5. My issue isn’t with degradation of cards and materials but that Apple is so concerned with image…this kind of result seems inexcusable. But then I don’t have the card nor will I…

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