As If Covid Wasn’t Enough, People Are Getting Shot At Their Hotels [Roundup]

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  1. The UAE and Saudi Arabia and their other regional allies agreeing to open up to Qatar is not a Trump victory. It’s a sign that the Saudis and Emiratis are in a rush to get things in line for themselves before the Biden Administration came in and this opening to Qatar is a sign of a Biden victory.

    Trump & Co have had what, nearly 3.5 years, to work on getting rid of the Qatar blockade? It really wasn’t a priority for Trump & Co and their Saudi and Emirati fellow-traveling anti-Iranian kleptocrats until it became increasingly clear to the kleptocrats that Biden was going to become POTUS soon enough and not let them have carte blanche like Trump & Co.

  2. Another pearl of wisdom (not) from GU Wonder. I doubt The Saudis and Emiratis are very worried about a man who has spent the greater part of the last year in his basement and who is beholden to the radical left wing of his party.

  3. @Cmorgan – your soon to be former President is going to figuratively burn the constitution tomorrow. STFD.

  4. Who knows if the current administration had a hand in it. They have had some successes in the Middle East. But to take someone who has been in Washington for forty plus years with no significant accomplishments to his name, and give him credit before he even steps into office is a BIG stretch. @GUWonder sounds like CNN/MSNBC/ et all, where they create their own reality.

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