Asking Other Passengers If They Have a Bomb Ends Badly, For You

A passenger and his companion were kicked off a United flight from Chicago to Houston on Monday after he “asked a Middle Eastern man if he had a bomb.”

Here’s what went down:

[A] Pakistani man and woman dressed in their traditional cultural attire were placing their bags in the overhead bin located two rows ahead of them when the man in the video asked a question.

She said he asked them, “That’s not a bomb in your bag, is it?” The couple didn’t hear the comment at first, so he repeated the question.

The remark caused a woman sitting next to him to leave her seat and speak with a flight attendant.

Here’s the man declaring that ‘all illegals’ and ‘foreigners’ need to leave the country. And then he gets removed from the aircraft.

This flight then managed to make it to its destination. Last month a passenger’s racist rant caused a United flight to divert to Auckland, New Zealand so passengers weren’t so lucky.

Apparently United customers haven’t been listening to the captain who declared passengers must keep their opinions to themselves. But at least this time it was only the United passenger going off the reservation and not one of its pilots (or two of its pilots).

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  1. What a dumb thing to say on a plane- to anyone! Apparently he had as much confidence in the TSA screening capabilities as many other flyers think but don’t say out loud, generally. Or he is simply a moron.

  2. Racist doesn’t equal Trump supporter or vice versa. Lumping all Trump supporters as racist, is the epitomy of stereotyping (assigning characteristics to a person bc they are a member of a group). Just bc this guy is racist, doesn’t mean he’s a Trump supporter or representative of Trump supporters. The left is so hypocritical it is sad. Also, I didn’t vote for Trump so there’s that

  3. So you’re assuming the person making the video is part of the “left” because….why? Because she’s standing up to racism?

  4. Not all (or even most) Trump supporters are racists, we know that

    But if you’re a racist, you’re probably a Trump supporter 😉

  5. The retirement age couple was from the area that used to be British India. They aren’t from the Middle East. South Asia (or Central Asia if pushing it) is from where they have roots.

  6. Mark,

    The deplaned man was a Trump supporter and had publicly even said that. Go hunt him down to ask him or his neighbors yourself if you doubt that.

  7. “Just bc this guy is racist, doesn’t mean he’s a Trump supporter or representative of Trump supporters.”

    Maybe not but it’s yet another manifestation of the cancer of intolerance, xenophobia and bigotry that’s proliferated at warp speed in Trump’s America, in which the “president’s” ethos has suddenly made discourse or behavior that was once taboo and on the fringes of society mainstream and acceptable.

    Closet bigots have been emboldened by this “president” to become public bigots, with — putting euphemistically — alarming results as caught on that video…

  8. The man did what any trump deplorable would do upon seeing a foreign person.

    Supreme leader trump should teach a lesson to United brass, to be more like Delta’s Bastion, and to bend over and suck up to the supreme leader and his followers.

  9. @mark – Lumping all “the left” as hypocritical is also the epitomy of stereotyping…

    I guess in your mind your type of stereotyping is acceptable…seems to me like typical trump deplorable double-standard.

    At least we agree on one thing, I also didn’t vote for trump.

  10. The women videotaping should have been kicked off too. Instead of letting flight attendants do their job, she had to chime in and start with the “racist” comments and yelling.

  11. SS,

    The woman who got the incident recorded and appropriately flagged down the racist passenger for harassing the retired South Asian couple did everyone on board a favor, including herself. She was also protecting her own self-interest, as she has an Indian-American boyfriend who could have had his own relatives harassed by this kind of bigot before the bigot was deplaned along with his companion.

  12. GU, she did the right thing by bringing it to the flight attendant’s attention. She did the wrong thing by yelling and being combative as the offending man and his companion were leaving. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  13. SS,

    Apparently the flight crew didn’t think it was a problem that the reporting party criticized the deplaned bigot in the way she did.

    Do you really prefer that critics of racists stay silent and fail to confront the racist problem-maker?

  14. I don’t think this is a right wing/left wing issue. Sadly, we’ll likely encounter more of this from now on. .

  15. @Mark –

    Insightful comments, very coherent thought process to decry stereotyping of Trump supporters and then immediately follow it up with your own stereotyping of everyone who doesn’t support Trump.

    “Lumping all Trump supporters as racist, is the epitomy of stereotyping (assigning characteristics to a person bc they are a member of a group)”

    “The left is so hypocritical it is sad”

  16. Ha! Another racist gets his comeuppance! Let’s keep these idiots off planes. Let ’em walk back to whatever rock they live under.

  17. As someone of color, I find it hilarious that racist guys act tough only in situations where they feel safe or where their trying to intimate a women or one person but their always to scared to confront guys or anyone bigger then them. I think their inflated ego is attempting to make up for a loss somewhere else. Hate us all you want cause your women don’t lol.

  18. For starters if you use the word bomb on a plane, you’re a special kind of stupid. Here’s an idea, unless a fellow passenger is bothering you or trying to bring the plane down, leave them alone.

    If idiot wind doesn’t open his yap and start mouthing off he and his companion don’t get escorted off.

  19. Most of you lack experience with this sort of situation….since you hopefully are not flying economy.
    If you are, please unsubscribe. Gary has wasted his efforts on you.

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