Assassination at the Kuala Lumpur Airport: North Korean Dictator’s Half Brother Taken Down

Kim Jong Nam, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s half brother, was assassinated at the Kuala Lumpur airport.

Kim went to the counter at KLIA asking for help, the Royal Malaysian Police said in a statement.

A Malaysian official told CNN that the man was then taken to an airport clinic, which decided to send him to the hospital. He died en route.

“The deceased … felt like someone grabbed or held his face from behind,” Selangor State Criminal Investigations Department Chief Fadzil Ahmat told Reuters.

Be careful at the KLIA counter!

Apparently he fell out of favor with his father in 2001 when he used forged documents to try to visit Tokyo Disneyland. He didn’t attend his father’s 2011 funeral. So this doesn’t seem like a case of going after someone important to the North Korean regime. It could have been North Korean agents who perpetrated the assassination, although that’s entirely speculation at this point.

He was headed to Macau, using Vietnamese documents, and not on an Air Koryo jet or Kim Jong Un’s private jet (though that could have been a safety concern as much as being out of favor with the regime).

Air Koryo Tupolev TU-204 Approaching Beijing, copyright boarding1now / 123RF Stock Photo

You can rate your restrooms in real-time at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, if that’s where this took place I have a feeling Nam didn’t rate this one average or good.

By the way, the original architect of Pyongyang’s domestic terminal (which is now absolute perfection, built in harmony with modern aesthetic taste and national character) was assassinated because Kim Jong Un was unhappy with it.

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  1. for a nut bag who executed his own uncle and poisoned his own aunt, this is exactly the type of thing i’d expect him to do to his own brother

    wait another 2 years for his wife to gain just 5 lbs, and she’ll be headed for the labor camps herself

  2. No matter who this person was it’s still a murder…please keep the sarcastic bathroom rating comments out of such a story, very bad taste…

  3. “So this doesn’t seem like a case of going after someone important to the North Korean regime. ” Actually he was somewhat important. The Chinese were keeping tabs on him and had him on the shelf so if they ever decided they had enough of Kim Jong Un they had someone a bit more open-minded that they could slip in there. Its not a stretch to think Jong Un would want to eliminate anyone that could be used to either challenge or replace him.

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