At Southwest It’s Usually Flight Attendants Singing But This Passenger Killed It

As reported by Travis Akers, Southwest Airlines gate agents put up a sign that read “If you ask a question, you have to sing a song.” So this passenger departing New Orleans did exactly that, roping in employees and drawing in the whole crowd.

The passenger was probably very young when 1996’s “No Diggity” was released and the Blackstreet song featuring Dre and Queen Pen shot to number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Yet like so many flying Southwest, the song is about striving for sex, money and upward mobility.

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  1. “Yet like so many flying Southwest, the song is about striving for sex, money and upward mobility.” AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Southwest regular here; can confirm.

  2. Based on the comments, it appears that the video is four years old (ie, way before Covid) , but it is fantastic.

  3. Ok, some major issues with publicizing this video. First, multiple violations of the federal mask mandate. Second, and much worse, the man singing is wearing a racist t-shirt.

  4. @MissMarirose:

    Counterpoint, no. Customers shouldn’t be made to put on a show to get basic assistance.

  5. Grow the f up people. This is a wonderful video that only brings smiles and nobody is being forced to sing to get help. Additionally, this guys shirt was not being racist, I don’t even believe that was even an issue at the time he wore it, and mask mandates were not in place. (This was years before covid!)

    Lighten up people and stop look for something nefarious and evil to be offended about. With all the legitimate stuff to be outraged about is this really one of them?! This is political correctness gone awry! Can’t you just appreciate people having fun and trying to lighten up what is often stressful about traveling and delays??? My god you people are ridiculous. This guy was totally adorable and just having fun, and everyone there including staff were too. UGH!

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