Atlanta’s Airport Calls You Out, Lyft Wiggling Out of $1000 Offer, and Boeing’s Red Dot Special

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  1. We could simply start referring to ATL as “The Second Worst Airport in the US”. ORD is #1.

  2. You realize that this is another disguised race-card?

    And as if, this ridiculous thing was not suficient, if you travel internationnally, you leave from the Hartsfield Jackson Jackson nternational Terminal. Hey 2 for 1 is even better than 1 for 1. How stupid.

  3. By whatever name, ATL is an awesome airport, but I can’t believe the city council has nothing better to do with their time than worry about how to make people use WAY too long a name. Any marketing expert could have told them that Americans just won’t use long names. We can’t even say “Brad and Angelina”–we have to make it one word. And, let’s face it, whatever the real name, everyone will always call it “Atlanta.” As it should be.

  4. Ahhhh that’s why people were cracking up when I was explaining to the wife that I had been re-routed to the Hartsfield Michael Jackson airport in Atlanta because of weather delays…

  5. Apparently they solved all other remaining problems in the city. What could the airport manager possibly report? This is the start of a bigger plan whereby I bet in less than 2 years the same council will simply vote to drop Hartsfield. Easy to do since there will be fewer and fewer people who know who he is, whereas Maynard Jackson remains well known.

  6. While a Delta pilot couldn’t keep the plane on the runway, NYC still keep one of its two airports as LaGurdia, not adding Lindsey, Koch, etc.

  7. Only Atlanta would name its airport after a mayor so closely connected with personal gain from airport corruption. It is true that when Maynard Jackson became our first black mayor in 1973 Atlanta was still mired in racism and Jackson helped increase minority participation in airport businesses, and for that he deserves credit. But from then on Jackson was closely associated with corruption scandals and personal gain for himself and members of his family. He turned a racist, whites-only airport (a bad thing) into a personal cookie jar (another bad thing). And now the airport is named for him. That’s just bizarre.

  8. OMG, are you telling me there are NOT any more important things in the city to worry about and fix????? Who voted this idiots in?

  9. Am I the only one that hates when partners are bookable on the website? There goes the amazing Gol availability.

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