Attempt to Join the Mile High Club Ends up in a Courtroom

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  1. A high chair is not an accoutrement. Ban babies in lounges if that is your stance. Have the balls to do that. If not, stfu and provide a high chair. Not complicated.

  2. So, San Antonio is banning both Chick-fil-A and mile-high sex? Sounds like a conspiracy!!!

  3. @Bratty. Lounges, or any business for that matter, aren’t obligated to provide every item you might ever want. How about instead you and your obnoxious offspring STFU, and stop subjecting weary paying travelers to the fruits of your poor parenting skills and questionable life choices? The lounge is not a daycare center.

  4. Of course lounges should be required to provide high chairs. I see absolutely no reason why babies and children should not be welcome in lounges. Those who object to it ? Likely the champagne swilling wannabes traveling on a ticket provided by their employer. That crowd seems to believe that lounges exist mostly to cater for THEIR every whim and fancy. They are masters of the art of DYKWIA.

  5. Really Paolo? I use the lounge every trip I make and dont even drink there. Further I’m there to use my time productively like the great majority of other men and women I meet there. The last thing I want to see or hear is some snotty little kid with their even snottier parents, including you I’m guessing, being indignant over not catering to said snotty kid. Talk about enabled,Grow up.

  6. As a resident of Phoenix I’d like to apologize to everyone taking a bus gate in July & August when the tarmac temperature is well into the hundreds. That will be a true flight from hell.

  7. Children are paying customers too indirectly through their parents. This is a consumers’ right issue AND as a public policy not to discriminate against children.

    As for the Masterbator, couldn’t he just waited till get home or hotel room to wack off???

  8. As I said, have the balls to ban kids and there won’t be an issue. If not, stfu.
    All you whiners are doing is…whining …. like babies.

  9. Apparently, like other demands on the growing list…

    High chairs are a human right.

  10. Ummm asking your wife to help you masturbate does NOT qualify for the “mile high club” although if they were on an AA oasis plane, i can see the fear of getting stuck in the lav as a legit reason to stay at the seat

  11. Ms King was demanded a high chair because it was not safe for her kid to sit in another chair but she had her sit in her lap with NOT safety while she was in business class. The kid should have been in her OWN business class seat strapped in a car seat!. I would never put a child in a car or plane unless they are in a car seat.

    High chairs are not the responsibility of the lounge. It is not a sit down restaurant. There are no waiters there to serve you. If she wanted a high chair she needs to go to a restaurant. The lounge is just that a “lounge” for drinks and relaxing. We do not sit down and have a family meal when we go into the lounge.

    As for feeding her 11 month old while holding it. Well I have done it with so many nieces and nephews , just put them on your thigh and use your other hand to feed them the bottle or spoon feed them. Then clean up the sit up and up chucks.

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