Authorities Bust Illegal Dentistry Operation Run Out Of A Hotel [Roundup]

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  1. As Joe Biden and the democrats continue to ignore the boarder crisis we are going to see all kinds of illegal activities pop up like never seen before.

  2. You’re a raging anti dentite! It starts with a few jokes and some slurs… HEY DENTY… Next thing you know, you’re saying they should have their own schools

  3. You have a “general view” on Tourism Authorities, but a wealth of data proves their worth—you should look it up. #thoguhtleaderintravel

  4. @Scudder – self-serving low quality data similar in kind to how public funding for stadiums provides net economic benefits… I have looked at this.

  5. @Jay Gee and @Anthony – just for you guys, courtesy of the Ridgefield (Conn) Daily Voice:

    “Florida Man Pretends To Be Dentist, Operates Clinic Out Of Danbury Hotel, Police Say”

    “Hugo Moraes-DeLima, age 41, of Boca Raton, Florida, was busted in Danbury on Sunday, April 16, at the La Quinta Hotel….”

    Now….let those two sentences sink in for awhile. Then breathe.

  6. I’m in Krakow right now and the tourism authorities and offices are wonderful. They’ve definitely improved my experience, which makes me more inclined to return.

  7. @ Anthony. More illegals come in by plane then jump a wall and they are not from south of Texas. Oh and but the way. Texas was part of Mexico so “those Mexicans” are just going back to the land that was from Spain. How do you kick a person out of a location where is family were there before the Texas Mexican war. Bigot

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