Autoslash Even More Useful for Car Rental Savings Than I Thought..!

Several months ago I wrote 10 Great Ways to Save Money on Rental Cars.

The simplest and most powerful advice is to use the free service, which I’ve been covering for the past five years. For instance,

The major rental car companies don’t like that AutoSlash will keep checking for lower rates on your car rental and help you rebook. So they don’t let AutoSlash display prices on their website directly.

What I’ve been doing for quite some time is making a cancellable reservation, on a car rental company’s own website or at Orbitz, and then entering the confirmation details on the AutoSlash website so that they’d track my rental and find me lower prices.

It turns out that you can skip that step. Yesterday they tweeted,

I never knew about the quote feature.

AutoSlash will actually make your initial booking for you.

I’ll likely still make my own initial reservation, that way I specify the tradeoffs in terms of vehicle size and preferred agency and then turn them loose to do the rest of the work. But this is good to know, and many will want to go to just one place for their reservations.

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  1. Very nice feature. Thanks Gary.

    Would be nice if they supported international cities though.

  2. I’ve been using Autoslash for years, and absolutely luv them, they’ve saved me money not every time, but most of the time. And when there’s an issue, they get back to me right away.

    I brush my teeth in the am, read this blog when Feedly alerts me, I’m always kind to (most) strangers, and Autoslash is part of my routine when I book rental cars.

  3. Just gave it a shot for an upcoming rental. (a month in Boston, MA for which my best sleuthing resulted in a rate of $580 all in for 30 days)

    Let’s see how they do…

  4. Pretty impressive. It found rates from $585 to $690 with all the major players. I have my pick, and I don’t have to impersonate a Samsung employee. Very, very cool.

  5. They DO support international cities.

    I have a two-week one-way booking from Dubrovnik to Venice and the price has come down by $400.

  6. I use them regularly and they’ve saved me a TON of money.

    I love it when I get to Budget and it takes them a few minutes to find my reservation because Autoslash had automatically cancelled and rebooked me at a progressively lower rate so many times.

    Best one yet was Dec 1-15. I originally booked at $450 for 2 weeks in Florida. By the time I picked up the car, it was down $170 for the same period and my reservation had been cancelled/rebooked 7 times by Autoslash.

  7. I used them for the first time last month for a trip to Vegas in August – they were able to save me $35 this week off the upcoming weekly rental at Avis. The issue is when I rebook via the Autoslash email, it won’t take my Avis Wizard/First account number.

    Autoslash support (which answers pretty quickly!) suggests that this may be due to an expired CC or Driver License in the Avis profile. That isn’t the case, but I was able to rebook myself using the discount code I found in the URL…

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