AutoSlash Will Now Help Reduce the Price of Car Rentals You’ve Booked Through Other Websites

Back in June I recommended a new car rental booking website, AutoSlash. And it’s really great — they search not just published rates like every other website, but they also search, test, and apply publicly available coupons and discount codes in order to get the best price. And that’s not all, they keep tracking your reservation to see if they can find a lower price and they email you if they do for permission to make the change.

However, the site does have limitations, they don’t cover all of the major booking agencies. So they haven’t been the true killer app — until now.

They’ve added a new feature, Track a Rental You’ve Already Booked.

If you book your car rental on another website (like Expedia or the Avis website), you can either enter your rental booking details on their site or email your confirmation to and they will start tracking the price.

If they find a price reduction, they’ll email you. Price reductions aren’t automatic if you don’t book through them, with this service they’re doing for rental cars what Yapta tries to do for airfares. But it’s an even better fit for cars, since those reservations are usually much more modifiable.

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  1. While trying to book a car in SFO for an upcoming trip through AutoSlash, I found only Hertz and some obscure rental companies. I wonder if the other major brands (Budget, Thrifty, National, etc.) are intentionally avoiding them.

  2. yeah, I have the same problem, for SFO, IAD, ORD. nothing comes up, hertz at some super crazy numbers (not even promos on THEIR website offered, nor AAA or course) and then some obscur company/s. Hasn’t really yielded any success in the past 4-5 months

  3. Actually,

    They went into negotiations with major vendors. Not sure what was the outcome. They list kinda only hertz so far for my location.I thought they were resurrected but tracking thing they have done before also.

  4. AutoSlash will now track pricing on rentals made with any company on any site. It’s a free service, so there is no downside. All you can do is save money.

    As far as booking direct, we currently support Hertz, Advantage, Dollar, Thrifty, Payless, Europcar, E-Z and Fox.

    After booking, AutoSlash will analyze the rental and notify customers via email when savings opportunities exist. Better than 90% of our customers end up paying less (sometimes far less) than their originally booked price.

    If you’re evaluating the site based on the initial rates returned, then you’re missing the point of the service. My suggestion is to do a test or parallel booking with us for your next rental and see for yourself. The proof is in the pudding as they say. 🙂

  5. Gary, any idea if we can make a reservation through Autoslash and insert USAir DM # at the location for the Grand Slam?

    You are a true gift if the answer is yes (well, even if no! 🙂 ).

  6. Ofer,

    Unfortunately our booking engine does not currently have the capability to enter in FF program and account number. There are however two options:

    1. Book with AutoSlash and then take the car rental confirmation number and modify the reservation at the rental company website to add the requisite information.

    2. Book anywhere you like and then submit your rental details to us so we can track the price of your rental.

    Booking with us is the preferred method since in addition to tracking the price, we are experts at applying coupons and discount codes, so you potentially can save more money. Plus when there is a price drop, we rebook you as opposed to you having to do it yourself.

    As mentioned above though, we don’t currently support all companies, so if you want to book with a vendor we don’t work with, then tracking an existing reservation is the next best approach.

    Hope this helps!

  7. My first two experiences with AutoSlash have been pathetic. First time, they emailed me “Great News” a day after confirmed booking to say that I was upgraded in car size – when I didn’t want an upgrade.

    Second time, they send a correction after confirmed booking to say that my actual price is HIGHER. Granted, they said they’d cover the difference, but they also got the site rental incorrect in the email.

    So…call customer service. You’ll get people in India who completely abdicate responsibility for errors. They are polite as always, but completely unhelpful (and actually helpless). I asked for a supervisor to research the problems and call back. She called, but hadn’t done any research, and was similarly helpless.

    Buyer beware.

  8. Just tried to get rates for GSP airport (Greenville SC). The site didn’t recognize it. I’m not sure how ready for prime time AutoSlash is right now.

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