Avis Launching New Elite Program

Avis has been working on a new elite program for some time. It looked imminent to launch in the fall but was delayed.

It appears that Avis in Europe is now emailing out details of the new program to members, and the Bonusfeber site has the scoop.

Fortunately, there’s Google translate since I don’t read Norwegian.

The base ‘Avis Preferred’ level comes with preferred service (pre-assignment of vehicle, avoid the paperwork) and a free weekend rental after the third car rental each year and an upgrade voucher after the second rental.

Avis Preferred Plus requires 5 rentals (the Europe .pdf also sets minimum spend of 1000 Euro — it will be interesting to see how this translates in the US market, if at all) (and paid more than 1000 Euro) during the year. In addition to the basic benefits you get free additional drivers on your reservation and a one-category upgrade if available. You also get undefined ‘Priority availability.’

Avis Presidents Club requires 10 rentals (and 2000 Euro spend per the European site – again I do not know how this translates to the US market) during the year. You get a guaranteed one-category upgrade (at airport locations) and double upgrade on weekends subject to availability.

Membership years under this program are strange — it’s a 12 month year from when you register. And status you achieve is valid for the rest of the membership year plus the next year.

    If you register in March 2015, and reach ‘Plus’ status in August 2015, your status would be valid until March 2017.

It remains possible that the US program will differ in some respects, and certainly minimum spend amounts – if required – will vary based on country of registration (as US members won’t have a spend requirement – if any – denominated in euros). We should know soon enough!

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  1. I’ve been presidents club through my corporate travel- Its really hit and miss in terms of upgrades. Typically i have to go to the counter and ask as well. Typically always reserve a full size car and usually get an upgrade to a full size SUV, or premium class. (Lincolns, some BMW’s, lots of Explorers) No specialty corvettes, escalades, or convertibles that i have been able to snatch. Last week i originally had a Malibu and the agent made me feel like she was doing me a huge favor when she got me a Taurus instead.

  2. Gary, you could consult for Avis and make a way better program. Think about what you’re always saying about aspirational redemptions.

    How about every 10 rentals gets a free day in a Maserati???

  3. This is not really new. I believe it has existed here in Europe for nearly a year, it was there since early last year as far as I remember. In my opinion the way the program has been designed is just basically targetting very high end users, e.g. corporate users, etc. Even for this type of users (I am one of them), it the criteria to achieve even Preferred Plus is a joke. There are lots of exceptions, rentals from franchise chains do not count, some stations do not let you link your membership because of the rate. I don’t know what is the strategy of Avis for this program, but it really is not for the normal consumer even in the US even though it is 1000USD for Preferred+ status. A very poor program in my opinion.

  4. @trup – specialty cars are excluded from the Presidents Club upgrade benefit so not surprising you haven’t gotten Corvettes and the like as upgrades.

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