Avis is About to Revamp Its Loyalty Program, So Your Free Rental Days Will Expire Early

Avis has been just about to launch a revamped loyalty program for a long time. Years, in fact. Now they’re finally talking about it publicly so it’s probably actually close.

There are currently 4 levels to the Avis program: Preferred, First, Presidents Club, and Chairmans Club.

The only real benefits (like guaranteed rentals and meaningful upgrades) come with Presidents and Chairmans Club but you cannot earn those based on renting with Avis. Presidents Club is given to customers with legacy Continental Presidential Plus MasterCards and to American Express Centurion cardholders. A certain number of Presidents Club and Chairmans Club memberships are given to large corporate contracts.

For most, the best you can do presently is Avis First which lets you earn free rental days.

Avis is in my experience the most generous awarding miles. I prefer National for picking your own car — though Avis now has this at some locations. And while you cannot earn miles and free rental days, Avis can be most rewarding for a non-status member.

They’re re-thinking their loyalty program. I do not know the final direction they’ve chosen. But in order to start from scratch they are going to expire free rental days quickly to ease their transition.

Two-Day Weekend Rewards Changes 
Q.   When will my Weekend Rewards expire? 
A.   Weekend Rewards expire per the expiration date provided in the email fulfillment.

To view your Weekend Rewards, log in to avisfirst.com and visit the Coupon Details page.

Weekend Rewards issued after July 6, 2014 will expire on January 15, 2015.

Q.   Why will Weekend Rewards issued after July 6th expire with less than 6 months? 
A.   Based on member feedback, our loyalty program will come with a whole new level of rewards.

More details will be provided in the coming months.

Q.   What enhancements will be made to the Avis First program? 
A.   Enhancements to the loyalty program will be communicated in the coming months. We look forward to providing you with a whole new level of rewards that will elevate your travel.

Earn any free weekend rentals and those will expire January 15 — no matter when you use them. The replacement had better be good.

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  1. Not your post — which is good and shockingly concise– I meant early expiration of free days because that is what customers want. 🙂

  2. About time in my opinion…as a former Avis First member, it was terrible to deal with their customer service and my rentals never credited properly into the program.

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