Award Chart Sweet Spots and Suing Uber for a Failed Marriage

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  1. “I guess because he ordered a whole lot of air strikes as President?”

    So now the “Thought Leader in Travel’s” click bait strategy has sunken to the level of trolling for Right/Left arguments in the comments? One of us posts ‘Bush did fewer air strikes, and killed fewer people with them, than Obama’. And someone else hits back with the inevitable “Trump is a fascist” (sic).


  2. @Robert Hanson, what planet are you on? That was not a shot about airstrikes or left/right or democrat/republican. I am sure the same comment would be made by Gary if Obama was, for some bizarre reason, inducted into the Illinois Aviation Hall of Fame. Neither has done anything in aviation to warrant being in a hall of fame. It is quite possible that HW may have done something to distinguish himself as a military flyer, but W most definitely did not.

  3. It’s just Gary’s hormones acting up….he just has a difficult time sticking to travel (but remember, it’s his blog we can read or ignore it).

  4. Well, if I was running that Hall of Fame, I’m not sure I’d induct. Dubya. That said, he is the only aviator in the history of the Texas Air National Guard to become President of the United States. So it’s not like his induction is as silly as, say, Obama getting a Nobel Peace Prize during his first year as President in the expectation that he would someday merit it.

  5. Dubya getting inducted when he worked hard to not even show up for actual pilot duties or physicals (because he was a cocaine user)?!

    [@Robert Hanson writes “but, but, Dan Rather!” in 3..2..1..]

  6. Oh no the right wing snowflakes got upset because their leader for inbreeding had a mean thing said about him. Quick, say something mean about Obama!! Hahaha hilarious

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