Awesome Offer: 20% Rebate on Nearly All Hyatt Redemptions Through July 31 for Co-Brand Cardholders

Following Hyatt’s announcement of new benefits for Diamond members, they’re out with something for co-brand credit card holders as well.

Cardmembers can register to receive a 20% rebate on award redemptions.

Here’s how it works:

  • Register by March 31
  • Redeem any time by — and complete your stay by — July 31, 2015
  • The rebate will post 4-6 weeks after redemption.

Nearly all redemptions are eligible, and there is no limit. That makes those expensive category 7 awards normally 30,000 points per night just 24,000 points (it’s almost like turning back the clock and pretending category 7 didn’t exist). It makes those category 7 suites 38,400 instead of 48,000.

    Category 7 Park Hyatt Sydney – Save 6000 Points Per Night

You can also use it on cash and points awards (you get 20% of the points — but not 20% of the cash component — back), spa and dining (never a good idea to burn your points this way) and upgrade awards.

The only redemptions you won’t get a rebate on are airline mileage transfers and car rental certificates.

The only catch? This is for existing Hyatt co-brand cardmembers only, it isn’t a promotion that new applicants would be eligible to take advantage of. Presumably they don’t want someone signing up just to get this bonus, transferring a ton of Chase points into their Gold Passport account, and maybe getting the equivalent of an extra 100,000 point signup bonus (on a 500,000 point transfer).

Another nice reason to be a Hyatt cardmember. I have the card, I keep the card (the annual category 4 free night is worth more than the card’s $75 annual fee), though I don’t think it’s an especially strong earner for ongoing spend for most people.

    Sky lobby at the Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur, where you can save 3000 points per night

Now, I don’t actually have more award nights to book, but this will:

  • Tip the scales towards cash and points where available on my paid bookings.
  • Encourage me to gift some award nights, given Hyatt’s new benefit where Diamonds booking awards for friends gift ‘Diamond for a stay’ to those friends
  • Cause me to try to cancel and rebook some existing awards.

How will you play this?

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  1. Are existing points reservations eligible for this, or would I have to cancel and rebook after registering for this promotion? I’ve currently got 3 nights at the PH Paris and 3 nights at the Andaz Amsterdam that this would pay off big for.

  2. I rebooked and cancelled one reservation. Hope to book other award nights now with the 20% rebate. Especially like that this promotion goes all the way through July 31st. Very generous. Only wish I had more points in my account!

    @gary, would you transfer UR points due to this promo?

  3. I’m a long-time Hyatt VISA cardholder and Diamond member. Tried to register, but got an error saying I wasn’t eligible. I did not receive an email on the promo from Hyatt, rather used the link you provided.

  4. @john it depends on the value of the redemption i was making. since it needs to be paired with a specific redemption to yield the value of the bonus it isn’t speculative, it’s based on an actual reservation. but if i had an award to book, then i’d definitely consider it!

  5. @Rob H – rules suggest you would need to cancel and rebook: “Only points redeemed between 2/17/2015 and 7/31/2015 will be eligible for this promotion. “

  6. What’s the link for this card?

    Please don’t tell me that the reason why it didn’t get a “KEY LINK” status was because it doesn’t pay you commission.

  7. @lsbuffs – when is the last time you spent money on the card and had points post to your account? It seems like Hyatt doesn’t realize there’s a co-brand Visa attached to your account.

  8. @James you cannot sign up for the Hyatt Visa to become eligible for this offer. It’s only available for cardholders as of the end of January.

    Besides, I don’t give direct links to this card, I recommend people walk through making a Hyatt reservation because that will frequently cause them to be presented with a better offer.

  9. I had the same problem at Isbuffs…my Hyatt card was not linked to my account (I like 5% from AmEx better). I tried to add my Hyatt card, but the promotion still would not work. I ended up calling in and they manually added the promotion to my account.

  10. Hyatt and Visa are stepping up their game. The other day I had two bottles of Naked Juice sent to my room just because I’m a Hyatt Visa cardholder.

  11. I have a ton of award redemptions between those dates so I called to cancel and rebook. Agent spoke with a supervisor and confirmed that rebooking is not necessary. I am a bit leery so I will likely call back later today to check with a different agent or to see if Hyatt confirms in writing. It’s a massive number of points at stake.

  12. I tried to register for this and got a message my account is not eligible for this promotion. Dont know why?

    This Hyatt Gold Passport account number is not eligible to participate in this promotion.

  13. I also got the not eligible after trying to register. Diamond member and card is linked to Hyatt account and have spent monthly.

    Will call tomorrow.

    Does this apply to points/cash or only pure points stays?

  14. I’m also a long-time Hyatt VISA cardholder and Diamond member. Tried to register, but got an error saying I wasn’t eligible but I don’t take no for an answer very well. Point is I last spent $ on my Hyatt card in September, so maybe they missed me.

    Called the Diamond line and after waiting on hold for a bit, they were able to manually add me. Answer is no if you don’t ask, I always say!

  15. Hyatt just tweeted:

    Yes all Hyatt Credit Card holders are eligible for this promotion. If you DM me your GP number I can assist you

  16. Fantastic news. I had about 70,000 Hyatt points locked into bookings already. Canceled, rebooked, hoping for a nice fat rebate. Won’t even bother trying to upgrade to fancier hotels either. I am really excited about this.

  17. Do you know if we will get a rebate back on the 6k points used to upgrade to a suite with the HDR?


  18. I was just told by 2 different Hyatt reps that stays do not need to be rebooked as long as they fall into the dates of the promo.

  19. I was able to confirm in writing from Hyatt Concierge on Twitter that:

    1- Stays booked prior to promo registration count. No need to rebook. ACTUAL TEXT: “As long as you are registered for the promotion and have stays between 2/17-7/31 they qualify, no matter when they were booked. ^NC”

    2- I had them manually add my promo via secure message on Twitter. For some reason I couldn’t register even though I’m a cardholder.

  20. Limited time promos are almost always worthless to me. I don’t plan to make any redemptions during this period as I have other vacation plans.

    Awesome? No. Nice? Yes.

    Awesome is Club Carlson’s 2nd award night free, which is a PERMANENT benefit. A close second would be SPG’s and Marriott’s 25% off a 5-night stay.

  21. Gary,
    Frequent Miler says that this offer is valid for new accounts as well. As long as they register prior to 3/31/15.

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