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  1. I had the United hamburger and fries meal last Tuesday. The fries were a little underdone. The interesting part was that the flight attendant asked how they were, and I said they were a little limp. She said they probably needed to be cooked in an air fryer, but all they had was a convection oven. I wasn’t fast enough to let her know that an air fryer is really just a convection oven. I did preorder the meal, as it wasn’t one of the choices on-board. The cookie/pie was provided to the entire first class cabin, but as a separate course. Yesterday (Sunday), I got the cheese enchiladas, and they tasted good, even if not as visually appealing as the linked article’s author may have wanted.

    The biggest problem I have had is that preordering email notifications seems to be hit-or-miss. I was able to preorder by going to when I wasn’t notified, even though the app didn’t show the option. It only worked the second time I visited the link. I think it was still confused by the short Tuesday-Sunday trip, as it originally said it was too late to order food for a flight five days away. Also, the flight attendants were confused by the preorders in the back of the cabin, which anyone can request. People without 1K/GS will be charged, but only once the food/drink has been delivered.

    One possible side effect is to encourage people to pay for first instead of planning for an upgrade, as by the time one gets upgraded at the gate, it’s too late to make a meal selection. It’s an interesting way of trying different options, and to avoid getting the second choice meal.

  2. @Ken A: Did you read the Snopes article? No one is being exposed to meth from hotel coffee machines.

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