Banks Are Trying Harder for New Credit Card Signups & F-16s Pursue Delta Jet

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  1. Delta is a brand of ice cream in Greece so perhaps the pilots were looking for some frozen treats…

  2. Credit card balances are close to one trillion again.

    The fed has brought us back to where we were before the crisis in terms of indebtedness and insecurities in life. All of this money spent and everyone asks why is the recovery so anemic.

  3. Gary, that was a charter flight…guess who regularly charters flights between German(y military bases) and the Middle East? Woulda been bad if anything happened.

  4. I saw an insert in one of my credit card bills this week that said if you don’t make the minimum payment, you pay a “penalty” interest rate of 29%. Otherwise, it’s only 16%.

    This is, of course, how we get all the lucrative credit card sign up bonuses. On the backs of stupid people. It’s pretty outrageous. But I’m taking the money until the gov’t stops it.

  5. It’s the TSA. It’s a government agency. It gets bigger. It’s about the only thing governments actually do well.

  6. My understanding was Uber pulled out of Austin after the city, under a voter-approved referendum, required certain background checks for its drivers. So, the city didn’t “ban Uber.” I realize it’s easy to generalize and blame people, Gary, but the distinction is important and writing in an exacting prose is important to your readers.

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