Bees Swarming an Airport is Normal, Maggots and Rats Not As Much

AirAsia operates out of terminal 2 in Kuala Lumpur. And AirAsia’s CEO is none too impressed with the facility. He shared his thoughts on twitter, creating quite a buzz.

The airport says they’ve got this as far as the bees are concerned (though perhaps not the maggots or rats).

Several years ago I wrote about American Airlines being busy as bees calling a beekeeper not once but twice for the same aircraft.

Approximately 1000 bees swarmed the cargo door of a 767, and the flight was delayed because no one could access it. The aircraft had arrived in Dallas from Las Vegas, and when the airline starting unloading the aircraft there were tons of bees under the wing. They called a beekeeper to handle the issue, the beekeeper captured the queen bee and swarm and then airline employees finished unloading the aircraft.

Shortly after the beekeeper left, another swarm showed up and the beekeeper was called back, captured the swarm, and then the airline finished loading cargo and bags.

Here, by the way, are bees swarming a Vietnam Airlines Airbus A330 in Ho Chi Minh City:

Well run airports have procedures in place to handle this, and airline CEOs don’t need to take to twitter to have the issue addressed.

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  1. A. Few years ago I made a transfer at Harare and was flabbergasted at the number and size of roaches in the main terminal building. Everywhere: walls, floor, snack bars, bathrooms, ticket counters. No one seemed to mind or take notice. I finally found a can of Coke that had been packaged in JNB. After giving the can a good bath in a drinking fountain, I was able to go outside where our luggage was being held for transfer.and find a quiet clean resting place.

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