Best Current Rental Car Rewards Offers

Since August and through January 31, National is running a free rental day for every two two-day rentals. They are also running a status match offer. (Hertz Is also offering status matches through January 31).

Million Mile Secrets flags that Avis has gotten into the 1-2-Free Game as well: a free rental day after every two 2-day rentals through June 30, 2012. Registration required. You can’t redeem in the New York area, can earn a maximum of six free rental days, and won’t earn those days if you choose to earn miles for your rental. You can’t double dip with Avis First, either, but it appears to me that you’ll still get credit in a Corporate Awards account.

For one-day rentals, I credit Avis to my Virgin Atlantic account, no coupon code required and you get 1000 miles for the rental. That’ll eventually mean Virgin Upper Class for me (with big fuel surcharges), though you can also redeem 6000 miles for an intra-Hawaii one-way flight.

On a three-day or more Avis rental I still like the 3000 mile US Airways bonus. (have to use coupon code MUAA044 and provide your Dividend Miles number with the reservation.)

The US Airways 3000 mile offer runs through March 31, though it’s been extended before. Also through March 31, you can earn 2000 US Airways miles on a three-day rental with Dollar and 1500 US Airways miles on a two-day rental with Thrifty.

What other hot rental offers are out there?

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  1. Many rental car chains offer a free day on a 3-day weekend rental. Unless the rental is very inexpensive, in most cases I would take the free day over miles.

  2. I agree with Mark. For three day weekend rentals, have always used a free day cpn (w/Natl they’re electronic, no physical cpn required – Avis is w/physical cpns – Hertz for the past 2 yrs has been running the $10 off per day offer which in essence is a free 3rd weekend day or often better). The problem with all these offers is that they require a cpn code so that you cannot double benefit by also using a cpn code that offers bonus FF miles/points. The best option, as mentioned, is to collect 1K Virgin miles.

  3. The New Jersey Newport Centre Mall Avis location is open 7 days a week (hours variable) and is only two stops from the World Trade Center on the PATH train but should not be excluded as it is in New Jersey. Great if heading out of NYC but if going back to NYC of course have to deal with the tolls.

  4. I rent a compact in Florida each year during March and April. when I start looking for deal the price is around $2200 but persistence gets me a $1300 rate by the time I am ready to get down there. DL and several other airlines offer “up to 40% off rates” but when you ask the auto rental CSR’s what that amounts to it’s really only 5%. Triple A and seniors groups get you 10 to 12% off but I would love to get it lower you have any suggestions.

  5. Oh I long for the days (2008-2009) when it was 5000-10000 miles for a one day rental! That was sweet.

  6. For Hertz I use AAA CDP plus the $10 per day off (good through Feb. 15). AT DCA the weekend rates are $14.50 or so for weekend so this gets me down to $4.50 day for Gold Choice. Also gets FF miles (which I also use for VS 1K).

  7. I booked a 3 day weekend rental with enterprise for 9.99/day promotion. I find that a pretty good value

  8. Gary, that 6000 miles on Virgin is for an inter-island round trip. Planning on doing just that next month.

  9. For the Avis deal, two questions:

    1. I don’t see anywhere to enter my Dividend Miles # on my online Avis profile, or when I make the reservation online. Do you have to do it when you pick up the car?

    2. If I’m pickup up the car at 9pm on a Monday, but return at Noon on Thursday, that’s technically only 2.5 days. Will I still get the 3000 miles (since I’m assuming I’m getting charged for 3 full days)?

  10. @Andrew you add the US AIrawys # at the same time as flight info while making the reservation, right before confirming. Being charged 3 days gets you the miles in my experience.

  11. I have had 2 rentals with national during this promo. Both were for over a month. I have earned 7 free rentals via the 1 2 free promo, they must also factor in total days of the rentals.

  12. @Andy it’s called “Virgin Freeway” on the Avis site, select that as your miles/points program during booking. VA Flying Club apparently used to be known as Virgin Freeway 10+ years ago, and no one’s updated the Avis site since then 🙂

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