Best Ever Amtrak Card Signup Offer and American Cutting Phoenix Pilot Base By 1/3

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  1. Your link concerns spreading A320’s without power/MCE to legacy AA hubs – but your photo is of an A321 – which also have no plans for retrofitting of power/MCE, which is even a worse story, given that those planes fly a number of transcon routes (like almost every flight PHL and CLT to LAX/SFO/LAS/SEA etc)!

  2. The reason why this is happening PHX pilot base is over crowed because the US pilots didn’t want to play fair and the HP pilots could not transfer out and now they can. BTW, while the US planes don’t have MCE at lease the FA’s from PMUS know what PDB are and do it.

  3. More click bait. As the link explains, this “does not mean 500 pilots are losing their jobs or that the airline is slashing flights out of Phoenix….American says 500 of the 1,455 pilots currently based in Phoenix already don’t live there.”

    So this story is only of any interest whatsoever to AA pilots currently living in Phoenix. I wasted my time clicking and reading based on the logical assumption that AA was cutting it’s flights out of Phoenix by 1/3. Which it isn’t….

  4. @Robert Hanson you are reading way too much into this, I didn’t say they were cutting PHX flights just the PHX pilot base, the point is that AA and US are now really cross-fleeting in a way they never did before and those LUS planes can wind up anywhere.

  5. Title of the post: “American Cutting Phoenix Pilot Base By 1/3”

    I’m betting 90% of us who read that, other than people who already knew the facts and thus didn’t need the post, thought that AA was cutting their Phoenix hub flights by 1/3. Or else that they were going to Tesla self flying planes. 😉

    Yes, once you click on the full post, and especially if you go on to click on the other link, you find out what the real story is. Namely that outdated US planes are now being moved around the country. And if the post title had been something like ‘outdated US planes are now being moved around the country’ I wouldn’t have complained. But of course, many of us wouldn’t have clicked on a full post with that title, since it doesn’t help us to know that planes are being moved around. If we knew where they were being moved to, maybe, but just ‘being moved somewhere’ is not all that useful to know.

    Honestly, I owe this blog so much from the early days, I really shouldn’t complain that it’s recently become mostly a waste of time. If you, and pretty much only you, hadn’t turned me onto BankDirect, I wouldn’t be AA Lifetime Gold. Not to mention so many more very useful things that it’s hard to remember them all, much less list them here.

    But it’s sad that I now click on so many useless posts, read halfway thru, and find out it’s of no use to me at all. With OMAAT and MP, (which I now read first anyway, and so already know much of what you post that actually is useful), I can pretty much tell in advance if a post is going to be worth my time.

    But not here, not any more. Still, yeah, thanks for the memories….

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