Beto O’Rourke Launched a Travel Blog: Will It Help Elect Him President?

During November’s election my neighbor outside downtown Austin was filled with Beto signs. No one publicly supported Ted Cruz, even if they supported Ted Cruz.

Texas isn’t nearly as red a state as California is blue, and it’s getting even less so. Still to win in Texas a Democrat you need to run as a Texas Democrat. Wendy Davis didn’t, and lost big time. Beto O’Rourke didn’t, raised astronomical sums of money, and performed respectably — because he was running against… Ted Cruz.

Now he’s running for President, though he hasn’t formally announced yet, though he didn’t even win a Senate seat in his home state of Texas. It used to be that when you launched a campaign you did it with a book. That proved you were serious and had ideas.

Beto O’Rourke, though, has a new travel blog (HT: Scott G.)

A lot of big trucks rolling down Pancake Blvd and there aren’t any sidewalks. Gloomy early morning sky in Liberal Kansas. Snow melt on the side of the road where I’m running. I find a vacant lot to cut through to another street, also busy and without sidewalks.

I woke up after a good night’s sleep. Snow coming down in gentle big flakes. Salud was taking a shower, so I went downstairs to use the basement bathroom. Came back up and put my tights, shorts, long socks, tshirt and overshirt on.

There was a time you might even say this was disqualifying but then Bill Clinton answered the question about boxers or briefs and still won. So talk of putting on tights while Congressman Salud Carbajal showers may just ensure victory.

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  1. President of what????keep the liberal left sided politics out of TRAVEL BLOGS or name it something else

  2. Some blog posts are written for a limited audience. This one seems to be exclusively targeted to the Koch Brothers.

  3. @VaCavalier
    It’s targeted to the Koch Brothers simply because Gary quotes a stupid-sounding blog post? I think we have stupid unqualified people in both parties. Lighten up and try not to be overly defensive.

  4. An Mexican wannabe Irish who is unemployed is running for President of the USA???? And some people even take him seriously.

    Folks you can’t make this stuff up

  5. To echo the sentiments of other commenters here – please don’t post political articles. Absolutely no one comes to this site for political insight, least of all to hear about an undeclared candidate’s sad attempt at garnering attention by any means other than policy discussion.

  6. Hey right wing scum… how on this green earth do still support the biggest moron on this green earth? Your low IQ lack of morals, integrity or a soul truly is a daily disgrace. You sicken me and everyone with decency and/ or intelligence.

  7. Andy demonstrates why a social or fiscal conservative often cannot have a civil discourse in this country with many adherents of the left. I believe that my friends and I are both decent and intelligent folks, but, because we don’t agree with Andy we are “scum”. Calling names and hurling insults at your fellow Americans truly accomplishes nothing. Let’s stop this ugly discourse, please, for the good of this country.

  8. @ Andy. Twinkle twinkle little star. What you say is what you are. Period.

    To everyone else, Brady is the GOAT!

  9. >>>Hey right wing scum<<<

    LMAO. Well, they are honest about how they feel about anyone who does not drink their kool aid, even though the only crime is quoting Beto O Rourke's own words.

    Gary, it's your blog, write what you darn well please, especially when it does not shill credit cards.

  10. This blog is about as useful to him becoming president as the video of him at the dentist or his DUI.

  11. @Mark:

    Absolutely no one comes to this site for political insight

    While I very much wish this were true you only need to look at the number of comments on this type of post to see that plenty of people do, in fact, engage more with this site when politics is featured. That engagement is pretty sad and, in my mind, anyway, brings down the quality of the site as a whole. Still, when you’re publishing your thoughts you want readers and you want impact and, as measured by views / responses, this type of article is probably the way to do it.

  12. God help us out if this guy gets elected. No border security, higher taxes, liberal court judges, more destruction of our great country.

  13. @gary. Better get outside your neighborhood or at least away from West Austin limousine liberals living in The People’s Republic of Austin and travel Texas. Austin is a blue dot in a sea of RED. Reality sir. BTW, I saw a BETO sticker on a Land Rover the other day while slumming it in Westlake Hills. It read: BETO, FAKE MEXICAN ~REAL PENDEJO
    Although I suspect you’re right about the Ted Cruz yard signs. No one really wants to deal with irate liberals.

  14. I read his blog….Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    If I want to read poetry, I will read poetry, not a travel blog

    Good LUCK BETA!

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