Better Hyatt Visa Offer: 2 Free Nights after $1000 Spend and $100 Statement Credit

Over at Milepoint it was suggested that there’s a new Hyatt Visa offer with a statement credit.

If you go to the offer directly it seems to just redirect to the Hyatt page.

And when I’m logged in personally at the offer doesn’t appear. Perhaps because I have a Hyatt Visa already.

But when I log out, I can get the offer to show up by searching for a reservation, then selecting a room and continuing to the page where you enter your personal information. The offer then appears on the right hand side of the page. You can click through to the offer there.

So you make a net of $25 for your $1000 minimum spend requirement. And it’s $100 better than the no minimum spend version of the card (that’ll go away on Tuesday morning).

I’d argue that this is likely the better offer — $1000 minimum spend (which earns points) in exchange for $100, or a 10% rebate.

If you’ve sign up for the card within the past 90 days without this bonus, I do not know whether Chase will match it for you. It cannot hurt to ask (logging into your account and sending a ‘secure message’). Chase usually does match point and spending requirements in new offers within the first three months, but I do not have any idea if that applies to statement credits or not.

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  1. […] Hyatt Visa which earns 3 points per dollar on Hyatt spend. Also no foreign currency transaction fees, so this works as one of the most rewarding options outside the U.S. as well. Chase Sapphire Preferred or the Chase Ink Cards. These earn 2 ‘Ultimate Rewards’ points per dollar, which transfer to Hyatt (2 Hyatt points per dollar is obviously not as good as 3) but also transfer to United among other airlines (United miles generally worth more than Hyatt points, and flexibility is valuable too). […]


  1. I sent a request to chase to match this better offer for me today. I applied 1 week ago. Hope they will match.

  2. FWIW, when the $75 statement credit offer first came out, my friend was able to get an offer match via SM.

  3.,,,, and are currently down for maintenance.
    We apologize for the inconvenience. To make a reservation, please contact us using the link below.

    Contact Us

    this is the new error on the website. looks like they are making some major changes!!

  4. Alright, after busting your chops earlier today for grovelling for Hyatt CC referrals twice in 4 days, I have to give you props for actually posting a 3rd post alerting people to a better signup offer that doesn’t give you a kickback. ^

  5. The offer with the statement credit is good for people “booking a reservation” on Do you actually have to book a reservation in order to get the credit?

  6. @Joel – I have the same question but on one place it says “$100 statement credit after first purchase” so it doesn’t seem you need to. BUT I can’t open the card because the web site is down. Called and they can’t replicate it over the phone.

  7. I can’t get the offer to show up for me. I tried it without logging in and with logging in. No dice (for me).

  8. I found the link and it worked! Thanks so much Gary! I was denied but I called and closed an inactive card and they opened.

  9. I went through the reservation process, saw the offer, and clicked through, but it required entry of Hyatt Gold Passport login to continue; once I entered my username & password, I was redirected to a Chase error that the application process could not be completed at that time. Returning to the main Hyatt website, the offer was no longer present on the reservation page – even when cleared cache/cookies in that browser, then tried another browser. So they may have taken it down…

  10. Which is a better offer? Also, for the $100 statement credit, do i need to book a room when I apply for the Hyatt card?

  11. The signup procedure you described works, and the $100 credit offer is displayed, but only initially. The offer converts to two free nights (and no $100 credit) once the browser is handed off to Chase. Bummer!

  12. It would be useful if the blog comment dates were visible. If I saw that the last post on this topic was October 2012, I would probably not have bothered to point out the deal was deal four months later…

  13. Looks like the Hyatt offer is still available but the statement credit has been reduced to $50!

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