Bezos Girlfriend Lauren Sanchez Tried To Get A Job At Southwest Airlines. They Said She Was Overweight.

Former co-host of “Good Day L.A.” and entertainment show “Extra” Lauren Sanchez, dating Amazon founder Jeff Bezos for the past four years, was rejected by Southwest Airlines when she tried to become a flight attendant.

Ms. Sanchez and Mr. Bezos announced they were leaving their spouses after tabloids prepared to break the story about their relationship. Now, with Bezos no longer actively running Amazon, the two are… staples of the tabloids.

When the 53 year old former spouse of William Morris Endeavor chairman Patrick Whitesell first moved to Los Angeles her dream was to become a flight attendant. However “she narrowly failed a weigh-in for the role at Southwest Airlines in 1989.”

“Back then, they weighed you, and I weighed 121 pounds,” Sánchez said. “They said, ‘You need to be 115.'” But she said if she were that age again, she’d know: “I don’t want to be a stewardess. I want to be the pilot!”

She did become a helicopter pilot, and Bezos took a sudden interest in helicopters.

The helicopters he once loathed were apparently capturing much of his attention. It was reported that Bezos’ holding company bought one, and Amazon sought to include a helipad at its proposed second headquarters in New York City in what the Post said was an idea that “came right from the top.”

Next year she’s planning a trip to space aboard Bezos’s Blue Origin which last year sent up William Shatner because of course. She’s Vice Chair of climate change charity Bezos Earth Fund, and is silent the carbon emissions expected from the trip.

I’d love to see Jeff Bezos, who is rumored to be selling the Washington Post and buying the Washington Commanders football team, buy Southwest Airlines. For revenge. Bezos is worth ~ $120 billion and Southwest’s market cap is only a bit over $20 billion.

It’s hard to imagine rejecting a flight attendant candidate for missing a 115 pound weight goal now. But in the 1970s Southwest Airlines marketed itself as the “love airline” for its secuality. And while the “Love Airlines” case (Wilson v Southwest Airlines Co) had already found that it wasn’t necessary to be a woman to fulfill the duties of a flight attendant, but weight standards unconnected to performance didn’t fall away until the 90s.

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  1. Does Southwest still have the weight requirement? I see so many overweight flight attendants. Some are obese.

  2. Not overweight but definitely overFAKE. The lips, the breasts, the eyelashes and who knows what else. She should be working at Spearmint Rhino in Vegas. And Mike is correct. Definitely no shortage of obese FA’s on not just WN but ALL carriers in the US.

  3. Bezos would make pilots pee in the bottle and layoff 5% of bottom performers (using some artificial metric coming straight from managers derrière) every year. We still have 6 figure points balance to burn with them. Why do you hate Southwest so much? Why do you hate us so much ?

  4. oh my, i looked her up. you can see she has already started to look like Donatella Versace, and that is not a good look. You have to give Besos credit for taking 1 for the team. I would have thought he would have had a garden of beautiful girls to choose from.

  5. It is hard to believe that still, to this day, you have people taking particular note of flight atttendants’ body weights (obese!), as though this is is somehow in any way relevant to the service they *actually* provide. Hint: being eye candy for you to ogle at is not that service, and declaring your assessment of the appropriate body weight for these employees makes you, in fact, an extremely gross and creepy person. What an unbelievably sleazy, filthy way to be a part of society. “God, remember when flight attendants were HOT? Now they’re all FAT COWS.” Do you even listen to yourselves sometimes? Grow up.

  6. I hadn’t heard the rumor about The Washington Post but I hope the rumor mill is wrong on this one. Unlike other notable billionaires, Bezos doesn’t try to skew his media company to align with his personal feelings and I admire that.

  7. I think corporate should take responsibility for society here.
    They could do so much for the fight against the biggest pandemic on earth, the most expensive danger for the health systems: overweight and obesity.
    They should take responsibility and have a mandatory weigh in for any job so people are enforced to take care of their body and the society as a whole.

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