Biden Administration Official Charged With Stealing Bag From Minneapolis Airport Baggage Claim

The Biden administration official overseeing spent nuclear fuel at the Department of Energy has been charged with stealing a checked bag from baggage claim at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport.

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition Sam Brinton, on the job since June, is facing charges of theft and up to 5 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. Brinton has been on leave from the job for a month, timed to the filing of a criminal complaint. The acting deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel has been placed in charge of the office “for the foreseeable future.”

Minnesota alleged that Brinton on Sep. 16 was seen on airport surveillance footage removing “a navy blue hard-sided roller bag” from a baggage claim carousel — a bag similar to one reported missing that day.

Brinton “removed the blue bag’s tag and put the bag tag in the handbag they were carrying,” and “left the area at a quick pace,” the complaint said.

The woman who reported the bag missing, and identified the bag as hers in multiple surveillance videos, said the total value of items in the allegedly stolen bag was roughly $2,325, the complaint said.

The agency official had flown in on an American Eagle flight from Washington’s National airport. Two days later, they checked the blue bag they’d taken from baggage claim for their trip back to D.C. When confronted weeks later by police they denied taking the wrong bag, offering “If I had taken the wrong bag, I am happy to return it, but I don’t have clothes for another individual. That was my clothes when I opened the bag.” However they later admitted to lying, confessing they’d taken the bag.

According to the complaint, Brinton revised their statement and said they were “tired and took the suitcase thinking it was theirs.” After opening the bag and realizing it wasn’t theirs, Brinton said they were “nervous people would think they stole the bag and did not know what to do.”

Brinton said they left the clothes that had been in the bag in a drawer at the InterContinental St. Paul Riverfront hotel, where they were staying. The complaint said that “no clothing was recovered from the hotel room.” At the time the complaint was filed, Brinton had not yet returned the bag.

The person chosen to oversee spent nuclear fuel needs to be… beyond reproach. Even if this official can manage to have charges reduced or even dropped, I imagine they won’t hold sufficient security clearance for their position going forward. This is also a setback for activists within the administration, because Briton is believed to be the “first openly gender-fluid person in federal government leadership.”

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  1. I am confused by the reporting on this story. The writer of the report keeps referring to “they”. If this dude picked up the bag but they left with it, there must be two people right?

  2. @David Stone – the person identifies as gender fluid and uses they/them as pronouns. Gary was being correct without bringing in facts that would likely inflame the comments

  3. That’s a guy in a dress. One person is not a “they”. It doesn’t matter what what the freak identifies as. He’s a guy, and a thief. Of course he’s in good company among the other freaks and crooks of the Biden regime.

  4. As with Republican Larry Craig, so with Sam Brinton, a child of Republicans: MSP is on the way to their home states in the Midwest.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if Brinton grabbed a suitcase based on looking at the name on the tag as a way to scope out and then grab someone else’s clothes to dress in for a role-play/costume party in downtown St. Paul as a lot of the LGBTQ stuff from Minneapolis has further concentrated into St Paul following from the Trump Administration crime wave.

  5. Reparations again?
    If the clothes don’t fit, you must acquit!

    -Preferred non-binary pronouns:”Ourses/Theirses”

  6. Far be it from Gary to inflame his readers. Perish the thought.

    Next up . . .
    – Former Trump official dares to enter an airport lounge
    – Former Obama official caught eating at a hotel restaurant
    – Former Bush official brazenly takes an Uber ride
    – Former Clinton official caught breathing air, through which airplanes fly

    Click, click, click. And, you all fall for it.

  7. Lee,

    I sort of agree that VFTW has an incentive to do this thing to run up engagement/audience numbers, but I also suspect this has to do with the habit of some current and former residents of the DC/MD/VA area to note things in term of Administrations and just have this kind of thing as part of their own long-standing personal interests in a political game of ”gotcha” among family/friends and even others.

    I take VFTW as not being a leading or lagging indicator of the state of affairs in the country, but as a coincident indicator about society.

  8. I don’t know, @Lee. A current government official dealing with nuclear waste is caught stealing. Are you seriously equating that with “entering an airport lounge,” “eating at a hotel restaurant,” or taking an Uber?

    One might argue that this is only tangentially related to points and miles, maybe more closely related to air travel as it involves stealing luggage at the airport.

  9. @David Miller – He also worked for the Trump administration – you could call him a government official and be more accurate.

  10. Gary, if you persist with using woke terminology instead of correct English, by using they, their, etc. when referring to a single individual instead of he or she, you will lose me as a reader.

  11. I don’t understand how “non-binary” requires a plural pronoun. It would seem to require a singular pronoun. If not “he” or “her,” then “it.”

  12. 5 years employee? If appointed, he was picked by Trump. If he’s just a hired civil servant, then who cares who was President at the time of hire, or during this crime. Typical partisan Gary click-bait headlines.

  13. There’s one person. He’s a man. Using his “preferred” pronoun serves only to confuse readers.

    If you insist on indulging his delusions, you could reference him with the name “Brinton” instead of using a confusing and ambiguous pronoun.

    I’m with todikaios on this… the VFTW sub is only of marginal value, it’s time to go unsub.

  14. This suspected luggage thief was born to evangelical Republicans in Iowa who tried to force a CIS straight identity onto their child.

    Messed up adults raised in dual-parent households are more typically the product of bad parenting than anything else.

  15. Ed, that is no longer the case, if it ever was.

    Too many LGBTQ+ persons used to be subject to dehumanizing comments by being referred to as “it”, and the embrace of “they” is a way for such persons to be considered a person while not identifying as he or she.

  16. Henceforth, I shall be referred to my my preferred pronouns. You may use either “master” or ” your highness.”

    If you refuse, you shall be branded a misogynistic, homophobic racist sexist pig and cancelled. You will be arrested for using my non-preferred pronouns.

  17. Once again GU Wonder comes to the rescue of the liberal agenda by blaming “ bad parenting” , “evangelical parents” for this man’s criminal behavior. God forbid the man’s parents were actually trying to raise they’re son according to their belief system. Libs never take personal responsibility for anything as we see in his comments.

  18. We would all be better off leaving the political snark out of it. How did he get that job which surely required a security clearance?

  19. @AC just because some dude wants to wear a dress does not mean I should bastardize the king’s English. This non-binary stuff is nothing more than a fad like two tone jeans in the 80’s. It’ll pass soon.

  20. @ David Miller — Seems you are the one who is brain dead. Can you think beyond what Tucker Carlson feeds you?

  21. Erik you are a BIGOT you are what makes mankind want people like you to go be the next in line for the AK-47. Your parents and children must be so proud of you.

    David Millier This is not the Trump Administration where the Guy from Florida steals Top Secret documents and sells them to Russia at Mar Largo and the guy was HIRED BY TRUMP

    ChrisinNY he is a Republican so of course he is in the Closet Thief

    Chad Belview called and want you back in your room.

    Why is it that only Republicans are caught cottaging in mens rooms? And they do it in Republican States so we know it is not Democrats arresting them.

  22. @ David Miller — Reality is that Donald Trump is an anti-semitic, racist, sexist, pathological lying, lifelong tax-avoiding thief who has pandered to the wealthiest among us, while Joe Biden has spent his 50-year Senate and now POTUS career attempting to help the working class. Herschel Walker is an abortion-enabling dumb-as-a-rock hypocrite, while Raphael Warnoick has spent his entire life helping the poor. Biden is heading for re-election because Trump is such a disgustng human being, while Trump is headed for a multi-year home confinement prison sentence and a miserable life growing old with no one to give a crap about him. Reality is that good seems to be winning out over evil, as it usualy does. Now pull your head out of your ass.

  23. david I agree with you the comments are what makes Putin look good here, Erik , Miller , Chad have all taken the Kool Aid by the Gallon.

    Hitler had followers who would just agree with what he said about homosexuals then jews. He had no basis for these bigot view other then the fact that he was insecure with himself like these guys are. Make fun of others so you will not realize your own imperfections.

  24. CMorgan, do you really want to try to sell the public on your mythical idea that parenting of kids in dual-parent households doesn’t matter in how kids turn out to be like when they are adults? Bad parenting has consequences.

  25. Gene is correct. Despite the challenges Biden has been struck dealing with (mostly as a result of the Trump Admin), Biden has seen one of the best midterm election outcome for the incumbent President’s party in quite some time and then some.

  26. @david Miller did you get caught in the Mens room also? Love it when some defend those that are in court more then they actually do any work. When your own daughter says you LOST the 2020 election and David Miller is still backing a guy who has the WORSE unemployment rate since the great depression.

    David take your political views and go back to Fake Fox News.

  27. Thing 1, the real point is that this government employee (hired during Trump’s term of office) is not a member of the Biden Administration. Nor was he a member of the Trump Administration. Being part of any “Administration” has a particular meaning. This guy was not part of any Administration.

    Gary knows his crowd. Headlines and stories are calculated to inflame. And, no one has the self-awareness to realize that one is being used . . . and simply clicks away . . . and calls this person and that person a such-and-so . . . which subsequently spins out of control. Click, click, click.

    As for this particular government employee, certainly the government needs to deal with him.

    While sad, is the killing of the Iranian flight attendant truly pertinent to points and travel? Does anyone truly give a poop about COVID lock-down in China? As one reader noted, the simple fact that a person would need to travel to X gives Gary a nexus to travel. The garbage collector union in NYC might strike – you have to travel to NYC – there’s the nexus to travel – let’s have an article that will open up a fight between the pro-union nuts and the anti-union nuts. Click, click, click.

    You all are being used.

  28. Interesting quotes – “….I tried to argue with him at a school board meeting, I said, “Mexican Americans are Americans, are they not?” or “Racism exists.” He was not interested in listening to anybody. He would never acknowledge a point. He responded: “Incorrect” or “That’s not true.””

    “….He lived in a fact-free and cherry-picked-data universe.”

    “He’s exactly the same as he was in high school—his manner of speaking, his permanent air of trolling. He has a drive for pissing off people. It’s a strange way to go about life, especially in high school.”

    It’s descriptions such as these these (courtesy of former classmates interviewed for an October 2018 article in Los Angeles Magazine) that has me even more convinced that “David” Miller is actually Stephen Miller.

    Stephen, that invitation I extended to you to meet at the most famous basketball courts on the westside of town remains open. Just name the day & time. You’re pretty recognizable. We’ll know who to look for.

  29. @ David Miller

    As the upstart crow once wrote “both stupidity and wisdom are as easily grasped as infectious diseases. So choose your friends carefully”.

    You ascribe your anti-Biden trolling to an employee hired during the Donald Duckling’s tenure.

    What a delicious definition of stupidity. Your idiocy nakedly revealed for any erudite reader. And you’re so dumb you can’t even process the lame irony of your sick right wing brainwashed idiopathy.

    What a sad and pathetic dope you are!

    The number one reason for reading the ever descending into trash VFTW is the amusement of the posts of dumbles such as yourself.

    F–king hilarious dude!

  30. @ Tizzette

    “We would all be better off leaving the political snark out of it. How did he get that job which surely required a security clearance?”

    No, no, no…just stop that already…that’s far too smart for this website, mate.

    @ Gary wants to stir the political shite to trigger the grumbledumbles and you are certainly not helping when posting a salient and relevant question.

  31. @CMorgan

    Just wondering, mate, since your IQ appears to just enough to turn on and type shite on a computer or tablet, whether you have ever heard of a dude called Alan Turing.

    And no, you wouldn’t have that computer / tablet without Alan, a dude denigrated and persecuted for his sexual identity / orientation in his day. Most of society moved on. Decades later, some haven’t – dumble-muppets like you.

  32. @ Chad says:

    Of course pedos are preferentially represented by LGBTs – the evidence is resolute – we know that because the right wing says it’s true…cue brainwashed Chad (the lad), ever eager to find validation for his sad prejudice (sad chad the lad), only, if the facts don’t validate, we get bad lad chad the sad cad with a fickle fad.

    “There is no such thing as non binary.”

    A biologically false statement. But far from it for me to deconstruct your prejudice and delusion as a mad chad the lad with a fickle fad.

    A tad sad, no?

  33. @ Lee says:

    “Gary knows his crowd. Headlines and stories are calculated to inflame.”

    Sadly true, or truly sad.

    Having recently returned from a visit to the USA (my first post-COVID), in which I enjoyed the company of many local folk ranging from kitchen staff to Hollywood film producers, I am delighted to report that a certain (DRWAs) element herein do not appear to be representative of the US community at large.

    If that observation holds generally, @ Gary is tailoring his blog to trigger an ever smaller and sad minority.

    Wake up, Gary.

    Your worth is not measured by your ability to incite side show controversies, which you evidently seek to inflame.

  34. @ Gene

    Don’t always agree with you, mate, but on this occasion, f–king awesome posts…love it…big smiles and high 5s…;)

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