Big American AAdvantage Bonus for Avis/Budget Car Rentals

Through August 31, you can earn 3000 American miles on a 1-day rental or 5000 miles on a 3-day rental with Avis. Use coupon code MUAA035 and provide your American Airlines frequent flyer number with the reservation.

A 1-day rental with Budget earns 1000 miles and a 3-day Budget rental yields 3000 miles. Use coupon code MUAZ025 along with your American AAdvantage account when making the reservation.

Based on my experience with past offers of this sort, you do not need to use the discount codes that go along with this offer, which may or may not provide a decent rental rate, in order to earn the miles.

Rentals must be from participating airport locations in the U.S. or Canada, and begin by August 31 in order to be eligible. The offer details page does not specify which airport locations are not participating.

And don’t forget you have a ton of options to get cash back or points for your Avis rentals as well.

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  1. This is a great promotion…but, as I always say, almost all of the car rental agencies offer a Buy 2 weekend days, get 1 free day promotion. For inexpensive rentals, go for the miles. But, for expensive rentals go for the free day.

    This promo is great for one day rentals!!

  2. Gimme your thoughts on this…
    Just tried to book one, the rules / notes show this –

    MUAA035 Accepted (See Notes)

    Rate Rules:
    Friday Night Stay is Required
    Return rental by Monday
    Checkout before 3PM Sunday

    If you need to cancel 6 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up time, we will refund the full prepaid amount less a 25.00 USD processing fee.
    If you do not cancel your reservation within 6 hours of the scheduled pick-up time or if you fail to rent the car, a refund of the full prepaid amount less a NO SHOW fee of 100.00 USD, will be charged.
    Coupon deductions are NOT included in the estimated total, but will be calculated and applied at the time of rental.
    Your rate was calculated based on the information provided. Some modifications may change this rate.

  3. This could actually be a viable way of purchasing points for 0.9 CPM or less. If you focus on the one-day rental and have access to a less traveled airport, it could be worth renting the car just for the miles. I checked the Toledo airport for Avis weekend rentals, and found rates of $18.71 per day. Add on taxes and fees and you’re looking at $26.82 for a one-day prepaid rental. That breaks out to 0.89 CPM! I imagine there are plenty of similar airports with low weekend rates, although it would be helpful if they published the list of participating airports…

    Too bad the promo period doesn’t line up with the US Airways Grand Slam (if it comes back), that would be icing on the cake.

  4. @Erik, I believe there is no chance of a no-show in this case… so you are kinda stuck to only one spot (your home airport) to rent if you do not travel a lot.

    What is the term for such rentals? In keeping with the norm (mileage-run, mattress-run), do we call this one ‘steering-run’?

  5. BTW, the rate at my local airport is about 39$ per rental which gives me 1.3 cpm … still not bad I guess…

  6. I just changed my existing res and it took fine the agent did not say anything about Norfolk not being a participating airport. wish i knew for sure though.

  7. @Erik I was looking into doing the exact same thing yesterday. Since this is only at airport locations it kills it for me. I have to drive and hour to my airport. Would be sweet if it wasn’t just airports and i could just drive in town and try out a new car every day for ~$20 and rack up 21000 miles in a week for ~$140

  8. @ Apu – my local airport is DTW and has weekend rates of $43 + taxes and fees, which are considerably higher than a smaller airport such as TOL. However I’m only a 30 minute drive from TOL, so that example could actually work for me. The deal becomes less exciting when you factor in the cost of gas and time, which would be considerable for 3,000 miles a pop. However if I lived in Toledo (or near a comparable airport), I’d strongly consider “buying” some cheap AA miles.

  9. Guys, what about doing multiple of those in a single day? That way one can amortize the overheads into multiple rentals… any thoughts?

  10. Any insights into the Friday night stay requirement?
    Sounds like this limits us to only 1 rental per week… am I missing something here?

  11. On second thoughts – there is no “stay” involved, so that requirement does not really make any sense!

  12. I have been able to get the rate at my local airport down to $23 for a one hour rental – it is the 30-40 minute drive that is preventing me from doing this – but if I could do multiple rentals at a time, it would be worth it.

  13. Can you rent multiple times by august 31st each time getting the miles? Or is there a cap.

  14. Thanks for the post and the follow-ups. Any suggestions for long term rentals (4 weeks or 28 days at the time) with Avis or Budget for similar airline miles or hotel points bonuses? I currently get 125 IHG points per day when I rent from Budget or Avis through Costco Travel with associated Coupon codes and AWD codes. But I know there are better options out there.

  15. @laurent- Break up your long term rental into multiple short rentals to get the bonus several times (that is, if it’s not too inconvenient to switch cars every couple of days).

  16. I got the weekend rate at CLT down to $29a/i. The weekday at $36. I work near the airport so it’s not really a problem. Just got to figure out what to do with my car.

  17. Great find! I just switched 5 reservations I had already made to these coupon codes and replaced the MP+# with my AA#. Done. More than 10,000 miles more than originally reserved. Gotta love it.

  18. You guys should check this. My reservation says this in my confirmation email after I had Avis change my upgrade coupon around to this one:

    coupon MUAA035
    The following value of your coupon will be applied at the time of rental: UP TO 3500 BON MLS

    I called Avis to question this and was told that I will be getting 5000 miles. I don’t hold alot of faith in the CSR I was speaking to, she was not very informed, and kept telling me that the note was just summarizing the overall promotion, even though the promo details have NO mention of 3500 miles anywhere. She was getting all her numbers mixed up also and kept dropping zeros. for instance she told me that I would get 500 miles since my rental was over 3 days. I questioned that and she corrected and said 5000 miles, then when i pushed again about why the note said Up to 3500 miles which seems to indicated that I would NOT get 5000 miles, she kept making reference to 350 miles instead of 3500 miles in the note. I finally gave up and said ok I will call back if there is a problem with the miles posting.

    Does anyone else have this note in the reservation? I did not see this in the avis site reservation. It was only in my email confirmation.

  19. Nice promo, but I am pondering if I should save 80$/give up 5k miles!

    Currently have a reservation with Enterprise for 130$, same reservation with Avis is going to cost me 215$, so about 85$ difference, but 85$ gets me 5k AA miles..Should I switch?

  20. Gary,

    This is a great promo. I have 2 questions:

    If I book a car starting 1 AM on Fri morning and returning at 10PM the same day on Fri night but reach avis facility at 11PM Thu night will the rate change automatically.

    Also, if I book a non refundable “Pay now” rate will the coupon code still be honored

  21. i did us airways 3000 bonus miles promo three month ago, 3000 miles never post on my account. i called many times, wrote many complain letters, they kept saying i have to wait more.

  22. @Apu, where did you find those T&C? They are different from the ones on the AAdvantage website.

    Terms and Conditions

    3,000 AAdvantage bonus miles offer valid on a qualifying rental of minimum one day, maximum two consecutive days at participating Avis airport locations in the US and Canada. Mention coupon MUAA035 to get this offer.
    5,000 AAdvantage bonus miles offer valid on a qualifying rental of 3 consecutive days or more at participating Avis airport locations in the US and Canada. Mention coupon MUAA035 to get this offer.
    Offer valid for rentals between July 18,2012 and August 31, 2012.
    AAdvantage number must be mentioned at the time of reservation or at the rental counter to earn AAdvantage bonus miles.
    Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for AAdvantage bonus miles to post to the AAdvantage member’s account.
    Bonus miles offer valid on all car groups.
    An advance reservation is required.
    Offer may not be used with any other coupon, promotion or offer except your AWD discount.
    The savings of up to 35% applies to the time and mileage charges only. Use AWD K817165 to receive this discount.
    Taxes, concession recovery fees, vehicle license recovery fee, customer facility charges ($10/contract in CA) and fuel charges are extra.
    Optional items such as LDW ($35.99/day or less) and other surcharges may apply and are extra.
    Offer is subject to vehicle availability at the time of rental and may not be available on some rates at some times, including some online rates at
    Car rental return restrictions may apply.
    Offer subject to change without notice.
    Renter must meet Avis age, driver and credit requirements. Minimum rental age may vary by location. An additional daily surcharge may apply for renters under 25 years old.
    Rental must begin by August 31, 2012.

  23. I assume this does not work at neighborhood locations, but what about somewhere like DC’s Union Station?

  24. Thanks – was not certain if, as a tranport hub, it might fall into the same category as an airport. I won’t rent from there assuming that I’ll get the bonus miles – indeed, when I have the “airport” radial button on, I cannot find Union Station.

  25. @FellowTraveller whats are you location time, and car size, i will see if I can find you a better rate.

  26. @Scott, that will be awesome..

    Airport pickup: RDU
    Pickup Date: 08/01/2012 5:30PM
    Return @ RDU: 08/05/2012 5:30PM

  27. @FellowTraveller, I can get a little better but not alot

    pay later rate 213.36
    prepaid rate 192.41

    you can look it up with AWD A1772032

  28. @Scott, great thanks. Any savings is better than none, 20$ will be good gas money for couple day’s..5000k miles for 60$ seems like a great deal.

    Thanks for the post Gary.

  29. Will I be able to get both UR points and miles if I rent thru Ultimate rewards portal?

  30. anyone know how long miles take to post? Did rental couple days ago and need to book a flight in a couple weeks. Would prefer these miles to post quickly rather than transferring starwood.

  31. One day rental from AVIS at RDU this weekend from Sat @ 9:30am to Sun @ 9:30am is $22.51. Not a bad price for 3K miles. Thanks!

  32. hi,

    anyone can help with –

    * do you book thru AA’s website or Avis’ site?
    * only airport, no city location?


  33. I earned 210,000 miles renting 3 cars a day for my business , and miles post in a few days. My cost was 1.2 cents a mile

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