Big Bang Theory Actress Stars in New HBO Series ‘Flight Attendant’

Shortly before I arrived in college, Kirk Cameron and Roy Scheider made a movie about its debate team. My college coach consulted on the film and appears in a small role giving away the national championship trophy. At one point Scheider is speaking in front of the league standings board, and our school was in first place while in a bit of an easter egg the big rival for that year’s title was shown in last

Cameron reportedly spent some time traveling to and observing college debate tournaments to get ready for his role. A senior when I was a freshman was still being teased years later because after one round Kirk Cameron came up to him and declared, “you are the best debater I’ve ever seen in my entire life.” Other debaters for the next few years would come up to him and say, “You know, you are the best debater that Kirk Cameron has ever seen in his entire life.”

Just as Growing Pains was just a stepping stone to Listen To Me – whose only saving grace was its use of Alphaville’s “Forever Young” – apparently The Big Bang Theory is a stepping stone into aviation.

Early this year Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik had a run-in with United Airlines, accusing the airline of slamming the boarding door of a Houston – Los Angeles flight in her face.

Now her co-star Kaley Cuoco is preparing for a new role in a series called “The Flight Attendant.” And ever-diligent like Kirk Cameron she deeply researched for the job. (HT: Jennifer Billock)

In an attempt to get to know her character, a flight attendant named Cassandra Bowden, Cuoco studied the aviation staff on her recent trips to ensure she embodied the role to a T.

So, what exactly did she take away from the experience? “I learned that their hair always has to be back,” she said. “And they immediately change—on a long flight—out of their heels and put on their comfy shoes.” And honestly, same.

Cuoco is both starring and producing in the new HBO MAX (streaming service) show in which she has to piece together what happened during a layover in Dubai in which she woke up next to a dead body. And since it touches on flying, I’ll have to watch it, just as I was compelled to watch a cringe-worthy Cameron partner with Jami Gertz and get taken in under the wing of an underappreciated Tim Quill. (The late Amanda Peterson also had a supporting role.)

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  1. In your third paragraph I think you meant to reference “Listen to Me”. There are plenty of saving graces for “Stand By Me”!

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