BigCrumbs for Getting Cash Back on the Online Purchases (including Air and Hotel) You Make Anyway

Over the summer I reminded folks to get cash back rebates for their online travel purchases. I’ve used mostly FatWallet and eBates for this.

But I’ve long seen lots of references to Big Crumbs, which seems to offer cash back from stores the others don’t and frequently more cash back than the others as well.

But even I have a limit to the deals and strategies I pursue, I often just follow what I know and what I’m used to rather than expending the energy to pay attention to yet another site. And I never bothered to sign up, even though I was likely losing out on rebates as a result and even though the signup process takes no more than a couple of minutes.

Then this morning I read Frugal Travel Guy channeling Flyertalk’s Bikeguy, who happens to be a Greatguy (and who hosted me a couple of years back to speak to the annual “Ann Arbor Art Fair DO”). And it finally hit me, I was missing out.

1) Using their portal to get to the official website of hotel chains, and getting a percent back of what you book.

Marriot – 4%
InterContinental – 2.4%
Choice – 4%
Best Western – 4%

Hotel stay credit as well as money back is a good thing.

2) Now, for all airlines, book through the expedia link for 1.6% back on every booking.

Will work for car rentals, as well.

For flights under $200, use the Travelocity link, as it pays a flat $3.20.

I use ebates now for Expedia at 1%, I’ll certainly switch to BigCrumbs for a 60% better cash back rate. And might as well start there for my hotel bookings as well. Plus they even have eBay cash back.

BigCrumbs has become really popular in the Flyertalk MilesBuzz forum because folks have been using it to purchase Amex cards for use on the US Mint site as part of their coin churning regime. (Some have tried to use multiple, different cards for purchase as a way of circumventing purchase limits and also to minimize any risk of having the purchase treated as a cash advance. I’m not really doing the coins thing because it’s not as easy as it once was, and even then carting pallets of coins to the bank is above my personal pain threshold.)

In any case, BigCrumbs to get cash back for your online shopping is a great site to add to the repertoire. Especially because when I often search EV Reward for the best mileage and cash back earning options for the purchases I’m going to make anyway, I see BigCrumbs with the best earning ratio but ignored it because I wasn’t a member. But I should have been…

Now, I do have a Big Crumbs signup link that earns me some credit for folks who use it. I signed up using Frugal Travel Guy’s link. Signing up through a referral link costs you nothing, and of course you can sign up and then give your link to others as well. There’s a multi-level marketing element to their plan, for sure, but they pay out so that’s pretty attractive. If you’re going to sign up anyway because it’s useful, then using my link to do so is certainly appreciated although of course not required!

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  1. Ebates is my favorite. If you have not yet signed up for Ebates, do it right now! Grab the offers! You will also get some exciting deals on FatWallet, ShopAtHome, AAfter Search. Moreover, you will get $2.5 to $5 as sign up bonus as well as huge cash back.

  2. Yeah, they’re having a cashback promo on Expedia at FatWallet through 12/31. You usually get 4% back on their hotels, which is enough to make me use their link.

    I see that the Expedia promo also pays $3.50 per “airline transaction.” So if you’re booking a bunch of cheap flights — particularly on one way fares — it’s probably worth the the trouble to use their link.

  3. When you could get 3% back on Priceline for making bookings through a shopping portal, I thought it was a great deal. Until I needed to change a flight.

    I now only buy my tickets from the airline directly – a few airlines, such as Delta, have cashback from portals. Also, if you use the Business Extraa program with AA you need to purchase directly. This is probably much less of a problem, even with third-party vendors, if you have some airline status, but I think it’s worth losing the 1-2% to have someone to talk to in case things go wrong.

  4. Thanks Gary for using my referral link. I’m gonna try in a limited way the Mint thing to see how it goes. I’ll let yo know.


  5. I’ve been tempted many times by Big Crumbs but never made the switch because of the payment structure. You can only get paid via paypal (which has a 2% fee, capped at $1.00 per payment) or pre-paid mastercard (which has a $1.00 monthly fee).

    Still on the fence…

  6. Quidco (7%, sometimes 10%) and Ebates (5%) are your best bet for Priority Club bookings.

    I have found that evrewards site frequently is not up to date/accurate. Although it is still a good place to start.

  7. I wish there was a section for Starbucks deals or reporting Starbucks deals…Right now Groupon buy 5 dollar Starbucks get $10.00

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