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  1. Update: Quantas announces that after it’s linkup with Emirates, all female FAs will wear burquas. Female passengers unaccompanied by a male relative will be denied boarding. The IFE systems will now only carry the Koran, in both written and spoken versions, available in your choice of 30 languages. All mixed drinks will now come only in the virgin form, including their new feature drink, the “30 Virgins” {TM}. They will be changing their name to Quarantas Airlines, with a new theme song: “The wind whispered Sharia”….

  2. Robert,

    Have you ever been on Emirates flight? If you did, you would not make these silly comments. Thanks for the insults. Keep up the bigotry.

  3. My comments were not about Emirates. In fact, I have no problem with Emirates using this policy for it’s own flights. Emirates is an airline from an officially Islamic country, and they should be allowed to run things as they wish. Then everyone can choose to fly with them, or not.

    What I object to is Quantas adopting principles of Sharia and imposing them on their own passengers, most of whom will be non-muslims en route from Oz to Europe. The rule from the Koran is that muslims should not choose to eat pork. It doesn’t say anything about flying in the same cabin as non-muslims who choose to eat pork.

    Were Quantas to announce that meals on it’s flights would be strictly Kosher, or that they would not serve meat on Friday in keeping with Catholic tradition, I would feel the same way.

    My objection is to the imposition of Sharia principles on non-muslims. And to Quantas being so willing to not only impose them, but to make a public announcement about that impositiion.

  4. Robert, you are clearly missing the point. Most Asian airlines (and frankly any sensible one) already serve halal for all of their non-pork options. Not serving pork is taking it a step further but it applies only to two routes (SYD/MEL-DXB-LHR). You can still get pork on your fork to every other destination.

    Frankly, if they hadn’t of announced it, no one would have paid any attention to the decision to go completely halal on the flights via DXB and they wouldn’t have missed the pork. It’s only because they were open that the bigoted crap has come out.

  5. @Russ At least someone understood my post was mainly tongue in cheek, and not at all meant as a rant. Thanks for getting it. 😀

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