Bits ‘n Pieces for July 13, 2013

News and notes from around the interweb:

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  1. It would be great to be able to get 5x for VRs at gas stations this quarter with Freedom. We have 3 Freedoms and would love to max them out.

  2. Holy cow, that fare is good to the Galapagos too! And its only $588 from LAX to GPS!

  3. @Frank – people like you give way too much credit to the bloggers and way too little credit to the bazillion dollar companies. These companies know EXACTLY what they are doing and how it will be utilized. I have been told by representatives of companies much much smaller than 7-eleven or the CC companies that they monitor FT daily. To believe that these huge companies will really be in the dark and we are pulling a fast one until a blogger mentions the deal is naïve.

    Secondly, 7-eleven has ALWAYS been a retailer of VR according to the VR website. Its just that usually the cards werent available or it was cash only. So this shift now shows that 7-eleven has seen an added business value of some sort in opening up this as a revenue source. So i doubt they are likely to just reverse that decision when people start taking them up on it. The pressure could come from the CC company side for sure. All parties involved will continue to monitor and run the numbers and when it stops being attractive the deal will die that day. But dont pretend that these guys dont know what is up.

  4. I put this news in a bits ‘n pieces post, merely linking to someone that had already blogged it. On a Saturday morning no less. It got very few comments. And I didn’t even name the convenience store, therefore no Google Alerts to anyone. But the notion that this deal belongs to a few people is anachronistic at best.

  5. I’m curious as to how you found out about this flytheory blog considering it literally has no content except for that one post. Did they send you a link to it? Seems very strange.

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