Bits ‘n Pieces for June 14, 2013

News and notes from around the interweb:

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  1. Loved the comments on the mini-bottle post. Hilarious. I’ve done that before for trips in Y, but normally I have hot sauce and a little jar of mustard in my freedom baggie and drink the free stuff on the plane. Never know when you might need condiments.

  2. Hawaiin miles aren’t useful me to mostly because I don’t live in a mainland city that Hawaiin serves. I know a lot of people are down on Hilton points after the devaluation but there are still some sweet spots. This might not be a bad deal to get 2.4 Hilton points for every 1 MR point.

  3. Wow — Classy move by Delta, take away benefits to try to get a firmer relationship. Are they also not responding to Korean’s calls or e-mails until they get what they want?

  4. Tyler,

    Only Hawaiian miles earned with Hawaiian can be transferred to Hilton. MR points that are transferred to Hawaiian cannot be converted to Hilton points.

  5. I have never in my life actually packed a freedom baggie and have never been stopped by TSA and questioned about all the loose stuff in my bags. Am I a bad person? :0

  6. I’m shocked people didn’t know they could take mini booze bottles on the plane. It doesn’t matter what you put in the bag as long as its under 3 oz. But you can not consume your own alcohol on a plane. I always raid the mini bar before I leave a destination and bring the booze home.

  7. You can bring the bottles on board. Drinking them is another matter: by FAA rule alcohol has to be served by a FA. They need to cut you off before you get drunk. Some airlines allow their FAs to serve BYOB. Most don’t.

  8. love the way you take on Delta, hope a little rubs off on your Boarding Area colleagues

  9. I have not booked a revenue ticket on Delta in over 5 yrs because their freq flier program is the worst among major US airlines. I’ve even pd slightly higher fares on other airlines just to avoid getting Skypesos.

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