Boeing-777 Crash-Lands in Russia: A Stark Warning for Air Travel [Roundup]

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  1. Gary..
    After reading your headline on this article I double checked my computer to make sure I didn’t accidentally pick up Fox News. With respect, you are way out of line to use ‘crash-land’ in your headline when, after you actually read the article, the a/c landed successfully, on the runway and with no reported injuries or fatalities.
    Stop mimicking fox news or cnn and stick to the facts!

  2. Gary…
    Upon further reflection, I think you should remove this post as it’s just ‘plane’ wrong to report an aircraft crash when it clearly did not.
    Admit you made an error, remove it and move on

  3. Wow, click bait much? The plane did not “crash land” but made an emergency landing. I’m not pro russia but you linked an obvious ukranian propaganda page.

  4. Doesn’t it say “Skyteam” on that airplane? Part of the premium Delta experience I presume?

  5. The red-and-blue checked bags cannot stand up to the shredding setting on the luggage conveyor system. Is this a problem with the bags or with Ethiopian Airlines?

  6. It must be a translation problem with Pravda since they have a history of fair and impartial reporting going back many decades (sarcasm). Who knows, maybe all airplanes crash-land in Russia as that is the normal description.

  7. Didn’t Russia steal all the foreign airplanes when the sanctions started? I’d like to know what the airline industry did when this happened, they couldn’t sue them for stealing the planes? Obviously they are not servicing those planes and there are many more stories like this regarding airplane accidents in Russia.
    The photo in the Pravda article showed that the plane was flat on the ground, I doubt Prava would lie! :)))

    And I thought I heard about some of the planes being repossessed in non Russian countries when the Russians try to fly into them?
    Repo man:

  8. wow… You not only get the title for the article completely incorrect, but you also use the completely wrong aircraft.

    Ya know, if you’re going to claim to be an ‘expert’ in aviation. You ought to know the difference from a 737 to a 777.

    truly an idiot, @ gary

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