Bomb Joke Gone Wrong On JetBlue: A Felony For His Birthday [Roundup]

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  1. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, my mother (1913-2012) had a catchall phrase for lousy news, “People are stupid.”

  2. @Gary – Making pot safe, legal, and rare is an extremely tall order. How would you hit all three of those criteria?

  3. @Christian – I just don’t want it smoked so much outside that it’s stinking up the sidewalks of major cities, or smoked in such close quarters that it wafts down the hallway of my hotel.

  4. The business expense thing is out of control. My wife and I did AirBNB for a while, and the kinds of things I was able to do with expenses was actually shocking. Particularly with personal businesses, there seems to be no requirement that you spend efficiently, and as such, you get a lot of this business/pleasure mixed use expense that also drastically reduces taxable income. Good on the IRS for cracking down on that stuff.

  5. I can’t believe anyone is so stupid to STILL think they can make jokes about bombs at airports.

  6. Safe, legal, and rare. Laughable.
    You can’t have all three if Dems are in charge. Dem cities don’t even bother with weed, they’ve made homelessness, crime, and fentanyl ubiquitous, why worry about weed?

    Remember when medical marijuana was pushed as some kind of compassionate legitimate treatment? Lmao, we all knew it was the camel’s nose. This is why real conservatives hold the line on issues like legalized weed. Because it’s never the end goal with leftists, it’s just an intermediate step towards their next indefensible goal. Who would have really believed a decade ago that leftists would be openly defending Hamas? But here we are.

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