BONVOYED: Who Ever Heard of a Negative Goodwill Bonus?

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • This 4 year old’s Make a Wish trip included a ninja-themed party in the Admirals Club.

  • How much the British Royals spend on airfare (HT: Samantha Rosen)

  • Bonvoyed! I mean, who ever heard of a negative goodwill bonus?

  • The biggest shame in rewards cards is how Citi devalued Diners Club to cut costs and then sold the North American brand to Bank of Montreal, who then let it languish. I used to use it for rich rewards, two billing cycles to pay, and primary collision on rental cars before anyone else had that. When Diners Club eliminated all dining benefits, along with moving to Mastercard for payment processing, it was effectively done although applications briefly opened for a rejuvenated product in the fall of 2014.

  • A Southwest Airlines marriage proposal.

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  1. Uhhhhh link to this page and heading is titled “BONVOYED: Who Ever Heard of a Negative Goodwill Bonus?” Soooooooo where is the article? I am not going to spend 10 minutes clicking everything on this page looking for it because I DON”T CARE. Click Bait???

  2. I have the negative Bonvoy bonus too. It seems like when they were giving out bonus points last year on the former SPG Amex card to try and make it closer to the earn rate it was prior to the merger, they got credited as goodwill points. Now, a year later, any time I have a return or credit, they claw back the goodwill points from last year despite the time difference and the credits being associated with more recent purchases. For me, it hasn’t been a large amount, so I haven’t bothered complaining, but it’s super annoying.

  3. What!! I don’t see seatback IFE on Southwest, in the video. How is this possible? One of the USAs most highly regarded airlines? How is this possible and we haven’t heard a shred of criticism!
    I mean what if a family of five flies with only four devices! It’s terrible, just pathetic to think about.

  4. I still use my Diners Club for groceries, both domestically and internationally. It’s a good break from the Amex gold domestically and I like the chip & pin and no foreign transaction fees.

  5. I had a Diners Club card back in the late 80s or maybe early 90s. I think it also had some kind of access to International lounges as well.

    I canceled it quite a while ago. At one time I tried to see if I could re-activate it but gave up.

  6. When I worked for Price Waterhouse in the late 80s our corporate card was Diner’s Club. At the time there were many places that didn’t take it and it wasn’t well known. There was a joke about a partner having his wallet stolen and when it was later found in a trash can the only thing left in it was his Diner’s Club card

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